If you have an Android TV box or one that supports Bluetooth devices you will find that you will want something you can type with.  One of my biggest frustrations with Roku like devices was the fact I had to one at a time click on every letter to search for something and this problem persisted with a number of Android TV boxes.  Then you get a remote that doesn’t have a keyboard and you have the same issue.  So something like the 2.4GHz Colorful Backlit Wireless QWERTY Keyboard Touchpad Mouse which can be found over at TomTop could give you the convenience of not only being able to type very quickly what you want to search for, but give you that touch mouse interface for scrolling through web pages and clicking on links…etc. when you use your Android TV box to surf the web.


You can also choose one of 5 backlit color effects and this video shows you how.

With the 92 key keyboard, and a touch screen you can navigate YouTube with ease from not only your Android TV boxes but your Smart TV as well.  The USB Receiver and 2.4ghz band give this keyboard/controller a max range of 30 feet.  The touch screen itself supports single finger tap, two finger tap and two finger sliding for simulating a mouse.  Though I did notice that in the picture it shows 3 fingers for the right mouse, but says 2 finger tap so maybe it is a 3 finger tap instead of 2 based on the image.

Right now you can pick up this keyboard mouse controller for only $8.49 over at TomTop.


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