Baldur’s Gate Creator Launches Kickstarter for Project Eternity

Taking a page from wildly successful gaming Kickstarter campaigns, like the one held for the upcoming OUYA console, Baldur’s Gate creator Obsidian Entertainment just launched it’s own Kickstarter on September 14.  The campaign is for a fantasy party-based RPG called “Project Eternity” and is well within reach of it’s $1,100,000.  In the video and on the campaign page, CEO Feargus Urquhart and company, passionately pitch a role-playing game that incorporates the grand exploration of Baldur’s Gate and the dungeon crawling classic to the Obsidian games of old such as Icewind Dale.

What’s most intriguing is that the schematic for all of this is not set in stone and in fact there is a possibility that it can grow to a grander scale.  The game plan for Project Eternity will capitalize on the generosity of Obsidian fans.  Obsidian plans to put their donated money where their mouth is and cough up more content with each goal passed.  Funds will actively go towards growing the world, adding more adventure companions, piling on additional game features, and more.  What Obsidian has to work with already however looks stuffed to the brim.

Hero selection will involve embracing a race and RPG archetype of your choice but Obsidian assures that such choices will be filled with unique nuances and differences in Project Eternity.  The combat system will stick to the beloved real-time with pause combined with tactics.  Companions that join you on your travels will be designed not to overshadow your hero but act as good backup and an ear to weigh your choices on in terms of the game’s narrative.  Graphic and interface wise, the tried-and-true isometric engine will be used to render the world, which Obsidian’s creative mind Chris Avellone argues, “lends itself to more tactical party-based play.”

If the Kickstarter does not reach it’s target, which looks highly doubtful with it’s current reading of $1,038,849, Obsidian will plug away at finetuning their offering and whipping fans into a frenzy for the fruits of their labors.  A successful campaign for Obsidian though, according to Avellone, would mean that a franchise possibility would be incredibly likely.

It means we FINALLY have a world of our own that we can build upon, not just for this title but for future releases down the line. We’ve wanted to do our own RPG world for a long, long time, and it’s been hard to pursue outside of existing franchises. Project: Eternity is our chance to take all the RPG knowledge, mechanics, lore, and characterization we’ve learned over the years and turn it into the game our fans have been hungering for. – Chris Avellone (Source: The People Behind Fallout and Planescape are Making My Dream RPG)

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