Banggood Gitafish K380C Guitar Synthesize Effector Review

Anyone who plays electric guitar knows how great it is to have a wireless transmitter and receiver. Otherwise, you’re strapped to your amp every time you want to play. Banggood reached out to see if there was anything I wanted to give a test run with on their site, and their Gitafish K380 guitar transmitter and receiver seemed like something I definitely wanted to give a spin to. Overall, it’s a great option and worked well for both transmitting and receiving. It’s also a great option for playing your guitar with your headphones on and not disturbing your neighbors, which I’ll explain below.

Gitafish K380C Gitafish K380C

Out of the box and first use of the Gitafish

Right out of the box, you’ll want to make sure these are fully charged. It comes with a double USB charger so you only need one USB port to charge them both at the same time. A full charge will ensure that transmitting and receiving has enough power to carry the sound, so you’ll want to do it before you use it for the first time. This can work as both a transmitter and as a receiver. You’ll want to use the graphics on the devices themselves to know what you should plug it into. While using it, I didn’t notice any delays, so even while transmitting, there’s no slowdown which is essential if you’re playing live.

Gitafish K380C

The effects

One of the biggest factors of the Gitafish K380C is the guitar effects that come with it. The options you get are: original (clean), blues, flanger, tremolo, and metal. This gives you a ton of options depending on the type of music you like to play or want to learn. All of them sounded solid, which was fun to play around with. It’s easy to switch between them as the button is easily accessible if needed.

Using it with headphones

One of my favorite parts of this device is that you can plug headphones into the part that plugs into your guitar and hear what it sounds like through the amp. As someone who lives in an apartment building, I can’t play my amp as often as I would like without annoying my neighbors, so this gives me the best of both worlds without being loud.



  • 10 working channels
  • 3.7V
  • 800MA lithium polymer battery
  • 15M use distance

Overall review: 8.5/10


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Disclaimer: I received this product for free for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are truthful and 100% my own.

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