Basic Guide to Voice User Interface

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Voice user interface is having an increasing importance to business and individuals as more developments are going on for it. It is being improved in many ways to increase the user experience so that it becomes easier for people to use it for aiding them in their routines. VUI makes it possible for human to have conversation with a machine. With the fast evolution of VUI technology, you can now talk to a VUI assistant in your own usual conversational style and it is able to understand you and do the task that you request.

How Does Voice User Interface Work?

In voice user interface, speech recognition technology is utilized by the machine to interpret what the human user is saying. Your voice is the input; when you want things get done, you just say the command and it will process it. Afterward, it will give you a response verbally or by graphics, video or text on the screen of your device. VUI offers a completely hands free experience, you can say the command from afar and it will be able to hear you and execute the tasks.

The technology is advanced enough for the VUI assistant to interpret the message right and read it in the correct tone. Sometimes, you can get the wrong meaning of the message by just reading it the first time. However, the VUI assistant has an emphatic quality that allows it to read the message in the correct tone. The VUI assistant also use an emphatic tone when communicate with the user in a direct conversation. Get more details at

The best time to make use of a voice user interface is when your two hands are busy and you need to multi task. For example, you are in office sipping a beverage while the VUI assistant reads aloud your appointment for the day. You work on customer service desk and you can use a VUI to read out the customer’s emails to make your workload easier. You can use VUI to help you find the direction of a place on Google map instead of stopping by the road side and take a look at the map.

How Voice User Interface is Changing Consumers?

There is an increasing number of online population that have conducted voice searches on their devices. The majority of them belong to a young population who perform the search on a smartphone. However, stats also show that there is an increase in the number of people in each age group that conduct the searches through voice command. Most of the people in USA who own mobile devices have installed voice user interface apps.

For this reason, many companies have resought to incorporate advertising in voice asssitant. It is done through the recommendations that the voice assistant make when you ask questions.

Many restaurants like Domino have now enabled voice activated ordering assistant so that customers can order online. Voice UI enables customers to make simple repeat orders via voice command which makes it more convenient than ordering on phone. You can also order grocery items with your voice from shops like 7-Eleven, Amazon, and Walmart.

VUI in the Health Care Sector

VUI can act as a doctor and give you medical advice when you or your family members are faced with health problems. It can be a solution if you have a family member who always shy away from seeing doctor. For example, doctor can have problem with a kid in the regular appointment. Instead, just let your kid talk to VUI and let it diagnose his sickness.

It will be more fun and entertaining for a kid to describe his symptoms to a VUI assistant. It is also a handy tool for elderly people who have difficulties in traveling to the nearby pharmacy. The VUI can suggest prescriptions and help you to order the prescriptions from the online pharmacy. VUI assistant can also help you to make emergency phone call when you are in a medical distress.

VUI Can Improve Accessibility of Disabled People

VUI assistant can make life changing difference to people who cannot use the screen or keyboard due to a disability. For example, people who are blind often find difficulties in making online order with a screen reader because the screen reader will read everything on the webpage including links, and images.

It will save a blind person a lot of time if he could just tell the VUI assistant to order an item and it could be done in a few minutes. VUI is ideal for people that suffer from a variety of physical disabilities including Parkinson disease, and injuries that lead to mobility problems. Autistic children can use VUI to improve their language skills. The VUI assistant can answer all the questions of autistic children without displaying any frustration sign.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.