Become a Better Writer using Readability Score Analysis

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Now the article subject says writer and this can both easily apply to being a blogger and writing articles, blog posts and more, but it can also be for people who write letters, essays, short stories as well.  Unless you are not interested in improving your writing or taking the easy way out by using something like EssayPro to write essays for you, you have to put in the effort yourself and improve the grade level of your writing.

What is Writing Grade Level?

Grade level is the estimated readership level of your writing and good apps that analyze your writing will evaluate your content based on the words used, structure of sentences and assign you an estimated reading grade level for your written work.  Depending on your audience you may want to have a lower reading grade level for your work, or a higher reading grade level for your work.  When writing academic papers or essays you generally want your reading grade level to be above 12th grade, but when writing blog posts typically they would be between 9th and 10th grade readability would be the sweet spot.  Product review posts tend to have a lower readability grade level because they tend to be very specific in highlighting features, terms without complicated editorial thought, lack allegories and complicated writing form that would increase the grade level of the writing.

So let’s look at Hemingway Editor, which is an app you can simply visit by website at and here you can simply paste your written work and get a critique of your content, you can also use another service called to get even more detailed scoring based on different analysis methods.

Showcasing the same article that was published previously on you can see the following information from hemingwayapp.

Here you can see the content has a readability grade of 13 and it shows which sentences use passive voice, but also says which ones are hard to read (yellow) and which sentences are very hard to read (red).  Notice that is how Hemingwayapp scores and details the content.  With you get more detailed analysis and breakdown, but the same grade level was reached.

You can see with this tool you get the various scores from FLesch-Kincaid, Gunning-Fog, SMOG and your average grade level.  You also get a text quality statement which shows you which sentences are more than 30 syllables which hemingwayapp just classifies as hard to read without the specifics.

Additional very useful metrics as well are listed about your writing to help improve your writing style and become a better writer.  This breakdown of your written blog post or written essay also includes reading time which is estimated time to read your content, this is ideal for blog post and can help with comparing bounce rate with how long estimated time to read article is to determine if people are reading the full article.  Speaking time is a great way for a summary of estimate if you have to present or read your essay out loud as well.  You get a breakdown of the number of sentences, words, and unique words which are all important tools to study your writing.  Overusing the same words repeatedly can be a very common habit to slip into, I have seen it with guest posts myself where too many sentences start with the same phrase.

So like I mentioned in the beginning of the article it isn’t easy to write an essay or flush out a blog post providing information to your readers that engages, entertains or simply informs.  You can leverage these tools to become a better essay writer, but there are plenty who don’t have the time and simply leverage a service like EssayPro which does custom essay writing for those who need something quick.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.