Benefits of Enterprise Microblogging with Socialcast

Hey there friends.  How many times have this happened to you while at work:  You’re working on an important assignment but you are missing information that a  coworker or boss has access to but they are off site.  Whether that be a meeting, lunch with a client, travel, or simply have the day off.  You could go to everyone in your department to see if they know what you need.  It can be a daunting task.  I know it’s happened several times to me and my boss.  I miss one day of work and it feels as if no one covered for me because I know the clients on personal level as opposed to what is written in a file.  Here is where Socialcast can help.

Socialcast is a powerful activity stream with microblogging for the work place.  To get a better understanding of how it works, consider it to be the Facebook of business.  Facebook is too general to have important work information to be sent.  You can create private “groups” but even if you do create a private group, it’s a group created within a general website.  Socialcast is geared towards business and it’s features are geared towards the working person.  With Socialcast, members of your department, or team, can interact with each other, in real time, creating stronger efficiency within your group by incorporating some enterprise activity streaming.  In the example above, if Socialcast was in play, a simple post to the team would alert all members of my predicament, including those off site.  Within minutes, I can have the information sent to me.

Socialcast can even be used to create a more personal bond between yourself and vendors.  Being a credit manager myself, it would be great to be able to contact buyers and advise that their credit files are being reviewed.  Instead of having to repeat myself to a number of clients, I could create a group within Socialcast where I can reach several buyers at once advising them of their status.  The same thing can be said for vendors.  By incorporating the enterprise microblogging vendors activity stream, can contact several vendors to ask for references or to stay on the look out for potential credit risks.  It will improve my business relationship with both my buyers and vendors.  It’s simply a win, win situation.

You cannot go wrong by Socialcast and at the very least, it’s worth a look.  In today’s business world, information needs to move quickly.  Many business have moved away from “snail mail” and faxes and business is now conducted through online services and Email.  Improved efficiency, stronger bonds, better business.  That’s what Socialcast can provide your team and your business.

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