Best Laptops for Students in 2019

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The back to school season has started, and most learners are thinking about getting all the necessary equipment like pens, notebooks, folders, calculators you name it, and laptops, of course. The question of best student laptops is tough as everyone is on a budget and would wish to get a nice machine for reasonable money. How to find such a bargain? What to consider? These are questions coming to everyone’s minds.

How to find the best laptops for students?

All right, it may be difficult to find a completely cheap laptop company, but each one may have an affordable line of good laptops for students. Now, before we introduce our top 10 of decent computers, let’s speculate on what kind of things a student might want to do using the laptop for studying except for watching Netflix, obviously. Nowadays, learners get loads of tasks that require using a computer. They take digital notes at lectures and seminars, prepare presentations, read articles, do projects, search for information, write their term papers, get inspiration from free essays at phdessay to finish their essays, check examples of research papers online, etc.

Concluding this huge list of tasks, we may say that a laptop should be quite light and compact to find a place in any bag, it should have a long-lasting battery and be convenient in working with various documents and programs like PowerPoint, etc. Now, when we know all the basic requirements, it’s high time to see our compilation.

The top of student laptops worth their money

Huawei Matebook 13 – skipping some technical data which may say nothing to most of us, we can note its perfect size that fits any backpack, great quality screen and enough storage space for an average student. You should take the charger with you if the plan is to make that stylish ultrabook work all day, but that’s the minor disadvantage for such an attractive price.

● Microsoft Surface Go – it’s not only one of the best Windows tablets, but also the one with beautiful design and great performance for its extremely low price. This ten-inch friend accompanied by a stylus pen and the keyboard can become your best buddy for taking notes and reading the papers for seminars.

Dell XPS 15 – all Dell products are known for high quality and good configuration, and this one is not an exception. A powerful, reliable ultrabook with a possibility of an even better upgrade is definitely worth its money.

● HP Envy x360 13 – stylish, slim and slick design, high-quality chassis and long battery life – what else could you ask for? This laptop may not have the best graphics, but there are definitely more pros in favor of buying it.

● Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 2-in-1 – in case you are on an extremely low budget and your major doesn’t require any specialized schoolwork, and this laptop may be a great solution. It’s got a reliable construction, long battery life and is powerful enough for working with documents and searching the net.

● Acer Chromebook 15 – another affordable option with an amazing monitor and powerful battery to pick! You’ll appreciate the screen if long readings and watching something is about you. The minor thing that may stop you from getting this lovely Asus is that it’s quite big and heavy, plus the speakers could be better frankly speaking.

● HP Pavilion 14 – this buddy possesses solid build quality and will serve you for years. It’s affordable enough and will satisfy all the needs a student might have.

Lenovo Yoga 530 – one more convenient transformer that will serve you perfectly at lectures as a tablet, will take the best suitable position for film watching, light, and compact to carry around. A great solution for its money and can satisfy most of your studying needs rapidly enough.

● Asus Zenbook 13 UX333FA – it may be a bit more expensive than previous ones, but definitely worth the money. Numerous tests have proved that it’s able to last for 10 hours of note-taking as well as note-making and some evening Netflix chill on top of that. Plus, it’s thin and will be easy to carry all day long.

MacBook Air and Pro – what can we say here? Yes, this is the most expensive segment included in the list. But you surely do know that if one has a budget for purchasing a MacBook, one will do it. It’s reliable, with awesome battery life, proved productivity and ability to perform well even for very demanding tasks. You’ll own it for years and will still be content.

Bottom line: you’ve got an inspirational list to pick from. You know best what you expect from the laptop and your budget, so have a go and enjoy your student life!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.