Blogger-in-Draft Issues: Post Feed Redirect URL Settings

Google’s free blogging platform, Blogger or Blogspot is the fifth most popular website on the internet today (Alexa Rank #5). It hosts millions of blogs for millions of bloggers across the globe, providing a privacy-protected interface for people to share and gain information. In the past one year, Blogger has witnessed radical changes in the interface, so far restricted to the Blogger-in-Draft version of the website where enthusiastic blogger/blogspot users can try out new features before they are universally implemented. Personally I like most of the changes made by the Blogger team, and always try to test the latest features.

There are however some issues with the latest version of Blogger-in-Draft, as is expected from any new feature/service. Here we shall discuss the problem regarding “Post Feed Redirection URL”, the feature on Blogger/Blogspot using which you can redirect the default feed of blog to another feed location. Typically, bloggers customize their blog feeds using Feedburner, another free service offered by Google. All you need to do to redirect the feed is create a Feedburner feed (or any other service you like) and add the URL of the new feed in the Post Feed Redirection URL box.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to your Blogger-in-Draft/Blogspot dashboard and then to the dashboard of the particular blog.

Now go to the “Settings” tab.

In the settings tab go to the “Other” page.

Under the “Site Feed” header, you will find a “Post Feed Redirect URL” option.

Click on “Add” and enter the new feed’s URL.

At the top of the page, to the right corner click on “Save” to set the new feed URL as the default.

Now coming to the problem associated with this feature. Suppose you find out that the new feed you have set as the default is not serving the desired purpose and want to undo the change, setting the original blog feed as the default. Ordinarily, clicking on the Remove button near the Post Feed Redirect URL option should undo the change. However, due to a glitch in the system, clicking on Remove doesn’t change anything!

Here’s the solution: Just select the new URL and delete it. Now save the settings and you will find that the original feed has been set as the default!

Hopefully this issue will be taken care of by Google’s Blogger team in the near future.

If you found any other problems in the new Blogger-in-Draft interface, please let us know!

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