10 Bloggers Share Their 2010 Accomplishments

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I did a survey asking for bloggers to share what single item or accomplishment they are most proud of from their blogging efforts in 2010 and I was amazed with the responses I received.  Before I showcase the survey results and who responded with what, I wanted to share my own accomplishment that I am most proud of.  It isn’t that my site has doubled traffic in 2010 compared to 2009, or that my site brought in more income.  My most prized moment is when I switched my blog theme in October of 2010 to the old black colored theme with single full posts on homepage, to the BreakingNewz theme I am using now.  The realization that my site finally has the “magazine” style and portal type appeal which is what I envisioned for it since its inception in 2008 is my most prized moment for DragonBlogger.com in 2010.  Since switching to the new theme, I have seen tremendous growth in site interest and traffic and I am really looking forward to how 2011 will shape up.

Now, on to the results of the survey.  I asked bloggers across Facebook and my mailing list on what their top prized accomplishment was for 2010 for blogging, and here were the results:


Andrew Bennett from BenSpark.com says:

“Because of my blog I was able to speak at 5 blogging conferences in 2010. Affiliate Summit West and East, Modern Media Man Summit, The Evolution of Women in Social Media Conference and BlogWorld and New Media Conference. I made new friends and was introduced to a much wider audience.”

Hesham FathyHesham Fathy of FamousBloggers.net says:

I am proud most because “I was able to achieve big goals through my blog, the most important goal was to have my full income from blogging”


Brian Belfitt of BlogEngage.com says:

If I was to pick on thing in which I accomplished this year of 2010 that I am most excited or proud of it would be Affiliate Lights Blog Engage RSS Program. I have created a great niche product that has the potential to earn some bloggers a lot of money.


Jenny Rhodes from NewRU says:

I am most proud that I was able to keep posting throughout the year due to severe illness…..shows you should never give up……but if that does not work I am most proud of the very close connections and relationships I made with some of the best bloggers around:)


imageFrancisco Perez aka. DiTesco from Home Based Business Resources

One of my major accomplishments in 2010 was when I successfully moved my over a year old blogger blog to WordPress. This helped me achieve one of my goals which was to rank in the first page on 5 out of 7 keywords I was targeting for on search engines. In addition, another noteworthy accomplishment is that my blog is still up and running :), considering all the ups and downs that I had to face during 2010, both personally and professionally. This would not have been possible without the help and support of all the awesome bloggers that I manage to get connected with. Also, I am happy to say that 2010 was a great year for me, revenue wise, this after a series of failures and frustrations.


imageDaniel Snyder from InfoCarnivore says:

The accomplishment I am most proud of in 2010 was placing second in Blog Engage’s first BEST of the guest blogger contest.  The result was a cash prize of US $300.00 which proved to me that I am an appreciated writer with a lot of blogging potential and helped me stay focused on my goals as a blogger.


imageOnibalusi Bamidele from YoungPrePro.com says:

My number one accomplishment I’m most proud of is being able to start making decent income from my blog in 2010. It showed me that blogging truly works and that you can never labor in vain.

Kristi Hines from Kikolani.com says:

I’m proud that I kept up with my Fetching Friday series for one solid year!

DragonBlogger Note: I agree that keeping up a blog post series for 52 weeks consistently is a tremendous level of commitment.

Maria Muir from MariaMuir.com says:

After being hacked, my blog crashing, and being told that I would never make it I am still blogging away. My blog is my little corner of the blogsphere and I am very proud of it. It’s not everyones cup of tea but it’s mine.

Sheila Burke from Zen-Sational Living says:

I was very proud of the amount of readers flocking to my blog, and the fact that I can inspire them… body, mind, and spirit!

Update, I had to include an 11th when Ileane sent her answer in after post was already published.

Ileane Smith from BasicBlogTips shares her 2010 accomplishment by saying:

I’m very proud of the fact that I migrating from WordPress.com to my self-hosted WordPress blog on my own domain Basic Blog Tips.


There were far more responses than the 10 that I published when I sent out this survey, but I ruled out anyone who had just “started” a blog as well as those who listed accomplishments that I felt were not directly related to their blog.  Some bloggers did not get their survey answers in on time.  Thanks to all those who shared their 2010 Blogging Accomplishments. 

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.