Top 5 Games Played in 2010

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Out of the twenty games I played in 2010, here is a list of what I consider the top 5 games I played in 2010.  I only own a PC and Nintendo Wii so there aren’t any PS3 or Xbox 360 games in this list since I don’t own those systems and haven’t played any games for those platforms.

Fallout 3

Fallout 3 was just an incredible way to revive one of my favorite game series of all time. Though I must admit that I prefer turn based strategy games the fact that Fallout 3 allowed you to pause and choose your actions still kept some of the strategy concept intact. There is something enjoyable about entering a world of post apocalyptic destruction where radiation has mutated a vast portion of the landscape and creatures. The game has all the danger, destruction and chaos you would expect in the aftermath of such an event.
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Kings Bounty: Armored Princess

Kings Bounty: Armored Princess was truly a great successor to the Heroes of Might and Magic series, the game is incredibly long and combined with the expansion pack you play through the campaign a second time with variations that keep it interesting and exciting. This is the ultimate in turn based strategy where you command armies of thousands of units, decide which upgrades/spells and combinations of weapons/armors you want to use and build armies of various units from dragons to undead. Worth every penny for strategy gamers in my opinion.

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This game seriously took me at least 3 months to beat with expansion packs and your character can gain levels to 50 (at least that is the highest I achieved).

New Super Mario Bros Wii

New Super Mario Bros Wii is by far one of the most fun games I have played in 2010 with my two boys, the fact that it is the same pure Super Mario Bros 3 feel with four players simultanously helping each other (or hindering in some cases) makes this truly epic entertainment. I tired quickly of all the party games for the Wii with little simulations, this is old school Nintendo gaming you can enjoy with 3 friends and there are enough levels and bonuses to keep you playing for weeks.

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Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty did something so few games could ever do, they not only improved upon the original which set the standard for real time gaming, but they only made slight tweaks to the formula and improved up on it. What came out was probably the best real time strategy game of 2010 and it appealed to not only Starcraft fans, but to anyone who is a fan of the RTS genre. The single player campaign is simply amazing and worth the purchase alone in my opinion. The multiplayer is fantastic but it turns out I am not very good at the game when battling others and I rarely win a multiplayer match as I just can’t build and attack fast enough to be effective. The auto match though is fairly good and the more you play the better it will match someone to your skill set. If you are an RTS fan boy, then this is the game to own!

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Dawn of War 2 + Chaos Rising

Dawn of War II + Chaos Rising is another Real Time Strategy game but doesn’t play the same way as Starcraft. This game you command small squads of 1-4 units only and rarely more than 4 squads at a time (10 men). The game has no base building and is all about customizing the weapons, armor, equipment and abilities of your Blood Ravens allowing you to tailor your units on a per mission basis. While the similarities between Starcraft and Dawn of War are humorous (Eldar / Protoss, Zerg / Tyranids) the game has a much darker and grittier feel. It is more like a role playing RTS game where you get to level your squads from 1 – 20 in the main campaign, and up to level 30 in the Chaos Rising expansion pack. For RTS fans who don’t want to have to build bases where speed equals victory, this is a game where using the terrain, cover and abilities of your squads to compliment each other is key to winning.

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In Review

In 2010 I happened to play a lot of games released in 2008 through mid 2010 and I tend to favor strategy and rpg games overall, but these were the top games I played in 2010 and highly recommend them to fans of the game genres which they fall into. Currently, I started playing Disciples III which is similar in style to the Kings Bounty series and I am probably going to pick up Dawn of War 2: Retribution in March when it releases.

-Justin Germino

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.