Blogging Writing Styles: Which One to Choose ?

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Which writing style do you prefer – I mean for writing style for blogging ? What is the best writing style for blogging ? In this post, we will answer the questions regarding the choice of writing style in blogs. Let’s begin :-
Although, before we answer this question, we need to look at the four writing styles. Let’s take a peek (or a dive into the ocean of grammar) :-

Narrative Style of Writing

The heading says it all ! Narrative style of writing is about writing in a narrative style – I mean it is a type of writing in which you tell a story. From a blogging perspective, narrative style of writing is in which you share your experience with your readers. You write posts in which you explain the main idea by using your experience (Examples : When I write about my mistakes and failures, I am using the narrative style of writing). Extra information : When we write about products that we have used, we are using narrative style of writing. The next type is a type of writing we use a lot (in fact it defines blogging).

Persuasive Style of Writing

Persuasive style of writing is about writing essays in which you try to convince your reader. From a blogging perspective, persuasive writing is about convincing your readers into something. It may be about “subscribing to your blog, commenting, promoting, trying out a new product, click your affiliate links etc. This type of writing enables us, bloggers to convince our readers that we are right about something (Blogging is all about convincing the reader, that is what you are supposed to do – or you want to do).

Expository Style of Writing

Expository writing is what you wrote during youth (In school). Expository writing is a type of writing in which you write based on facts, ideas, directions and terms. Expository writing is all about quality (information/data). From a blogging perspective, expository writing is where you use your ideas along with others (this is the best definition I can give you, because in blogging, we don’t use that much of facts). But still, expository writing can be very helpful when blogging. It like a piece in the puzzle.

Descriptive Style of Writing

Descriptive writing is where you use descriptions to describe something ;) It a type of writing style in which you define what it is, its usefulness. It is kind of like expository writing but the difference comes in when you consider the amount of useful information. From a blogging perspective, in descriptive writing you use plenty of information to get more traffic.

Those are the four types of writing styles. Which one would you choose ? All of them are vital and needed for success. So in blogging, the best writing style would be the one with all of these styles.

Blogging Writing Style – An Eclectic Approach

In blogging, you need to write using your experiences, data with plenty of information to convince your readers. Take a look at the previous sentence. Recognize something ? Yes, in blogging, you need all the pieces to finish the puzzle. Taking an eclectic approach towards blogging styles will help you to write excellent fabulous quality posts so that you can convince your readers to click the subscribe button. After all, readers are everything, right ? (The number of readers are not that important).

The Commenting System is All Yours….

I am giving the commenting system to you. Drop me some comments regarding your viewpoints on blogging writing styles. Which one do you prefer ? Why ? Why don’t you like the others ? Do you like the eclectic approach ? Why or Why not ? What is your main goal (for your blog) ? Thank you for stopping by at Dragon blogger. Feel free to ask any of your questions, drop your comments and/or suggestions. Thank you !

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.