Is Blogging a Game ?

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Is blogging a game ? Is it a game in which we win or learn something new ? (let’s be optimistic) If you ask me this questions, then I will have two answers for you (we have to look at things from different perspectives, right ?). In this post, we will talk about blogging – the blogging game, why blogging is a game, why it is not. Let’s Start :-

Why Blogging is a Game ?

Blogging is a game because blogging is all about whether you ” succeed or not” – more specifically, its about being a professional blogger, its about having a great number of visits per day. From this point of view, blogging is a game. It is a game in which, I compete (against others) to attract more subscribers/readers/traffic to my site. It is more about converting your traffic into your subscribers. It is all about the numbers (I know that you have read many posts about quality over quantity, but when it comes to real world, people sometimes will be overwhelmed by (and be more motivated to click the subscribe button). (But still Quantity comes when, quality is in the play i.e. You get subscribers when you have good content. I am not much into this topic, because, (honestly) I don’t like thinking of blogging as a game. So, let’s talk about why blogging cannot be considered as a game.

Quick Review – Blogging is a game because in Blogging, you compete against each other (in terms of getting those subscribers/traffic).

Why Blogging is not a game ?

Blogging is not a game because in blogging, there is no first or last (grant that there are more popular bloggers). To make things easier, let’s take a quote into account :-

“You are not obligated to win, you are obligated to keep trying to do the best you can do everyday”

Quote by Marian Wright Edelman.

Our goal in blogging should be about writing quality content. It should be about your determination and hard work to keep your blog alive, to attract more traffic, each and every day. From this perspective, it doesn’t really matter whether you have 10k subscriber or 1000 subscribers. All it matters is that you keep trying to accomplish the best you can. Blogging is not a game because it is about generating more traffic. I view blogging as a hobby, rather than as a game. Blogging, to me is just about having fun thinking, writing, marketing, networking, learning and applying. I am not blogging for money (but still I want to make some so that I can keep my blog alive ; I don’t want to spend my parents’ money on blogging). As I have written before, this view is much better because it can act as a strong motivator for you. It can help you to keep blogging (its a double deal).

Quick Review – Blogging is not a game because in blogging you can’t really win anything (all you work goes to getting more readers, traffic etc). It is not a game in which you go compete head to head for the first, second and third places.

What is the Point ?

So, you might be thinking about why I wrote this post (I really loved to write this post, because, I was looking things from a different perspective). I wrote this post to emphasize the importance of “keep trying and giving the best effort you can”. Just understand that blogging is not about winning, its about participation, are you blogging ? Are you blogging still ? That is what its all about. Keep Blogging, Don’t give up yet. Participate in blogging, participate in others blog. Comment on this post, share, let’s talk. Do all sorts of things to be the better blogger, I mean a blogger who is better at participation. And Don’t (Ever) Anticipate !

To You !

What is your opinion ? Do you think blogging is a game ? Will considering blogging as a game help you with blogging (can it act as a motivator) ? Should we consider blogging as a game ? Why ? Why not ? Do you think that my points are valid ?

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.