Padlock USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are incredibly convenient for transporting and storing data and with capacities between 8gb and 32gb being most common lately you can really store a lot of data including documents, photos, videos, music and more. Flash drives however are the bane of enterprises everywhere as typically they are insecure and allow anyone to transport sensitive company data from a computer and take it anywhere where it may get lost, stolen or read.

USB Flash Drives that offer 256bit AES encryption are only a start as they have secure data and some require software or password to access them but are vulnerable to hacking. Tack on a padlock or pincode security feature and you have a USB flash drive that not only has encrypted data but requires you to enter a PIN code just to make the data accessible. The physical PIN code requirement adds an additional security level and these are among the most secure USB Flash drives available that are FIPS compliant.

These are just some of the Secure USB Flash Drives that also include a padlock as an added security measure:
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Bottom line

If you want to backup your data to flash drives or make it transportable you should spend the extra few bucks and make sure your data is secure in the event of losing the flash drive.

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Justin Germino
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