Blogging Beginner: Do you fear taking risks?

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Taking Risks is an essential part of the blog success equation. You need to be willing to take risks in blogging. Only then will you be able to make more profit and reduce your investment (time; efforts). Every action that we make (in our lives) is based on motivation. If we really are motivated to make that decision, then we will. There is a motivation to every action. We make choices based on the profits and losses (we don’t always make the “correct” choice since there are situations in which we are influenced by different things such as emotions). Well, the correctness of our decision depends upon our perspective we have. Anyways, that’s not our topic today. Our topic is about taking risks in blogging. You need to risks.

Do you fear taking risks?

Do you? Many bloggers do. They just want to stay on the safe side; they don’t want to explore the possibilities. They are not willing to try their own ideas and form new techniques with it. But, there are some bloggers who are willing to do so. Most bloggers just follow these bloggers; instead of experimenting on their own. You don’t need to fear anything in the world of blogging. Be confident. And face the challenges. Find your own solutions to the problems that you come up to. After all, it is your experience that matters, not others. Most new bloggers don’t want to take risks because they fear failure. Well, in blogging (And in real life), mistakes are what that teaches you to do things better with more efficiency. Don’t be afraid. Be Bold and Take Risks.

Why should you take risks?

Now, you might be asking yourself: Why you should take risks? Let me make it clear. Taking risks provides you with [more and better] experience, [larger] profits and lower costs – investment of time, money etc. Taking risks allows you “create” your own techniques in blogging. When you blog about blogging, the best thing you can give is tips and techniques (to improve their – your audience – blog). And to give these tips and techniques, you need to “learn” it. You need to gain it from your own experience. And your experience comes from your blogging career. Taking risks gives you more experience with blogging. It also you to learn new things, form new tactics, test it out and write about it  (So that people can use it, tweak and test it, or never try that method). Taking risks allows you to gain knowledge. And you can use that knowledge to write valuable posts for your audience.

The Negative Side

Of course there is a negative side to it. There are people who are willing to take a far bigger risk than the benefit they get from it. You shouldn’t do that (often). You should take risks. But, be careful. There are situations in which taking risks will be an unwise decision (Have you heard of the example of the frog who thought that he could face the truck? Well, here it is: There was a frog. He was brave. And one of his friends asked him whether he was brave enough to face the vehicles in the road. Well, this “foolish” frog thought so. Long story short, that decision was not clever). Take risks when it is a “worthy” one. Think a bunch of times before you take the risk. Do the profits outweigh the costs? How can it affect you, personally?


Well, that’s all I have say now. Take risks, when it is “good” enough. Make wise decisions. I hope you enjoyed my post. If you do, Let me know through comments! Thank you!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.