Blogging Beginner Tips: 4 Steps To Writing Engaging Blog Posts

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How are you today ? In this blog post, we will talk about some blogging beginner tips regarding writing articles. To be more specific, we will talk about 4 tips through which we can write engaging and informative blog posts. Writing engaging posts is important because it determines whether you get lots of comments or not. Your articles must also be informative so that it helps the reader and he/she may be prompted to share your article, subscribe to your blog, add it to their reading list etc. Let’s not waste time, let’s start the post :-

4 Steps To Writing An Engaging And Informative Post

Understand your task

The first thing you must do is understand your task. To make it more precise, think about your goal. What type of comments are you expecting from your readers, how many hits, do you have any specific goals for the article ? Think about what you want to achieve through the article. You must do this every time you write an article. It helps you to become a better writer, blogger and stay focused. First, You should understand what you are trying to say and then you  have to ask yourself two main questions :   what you want to say and why you should say it. By say, I mean “writing your idea”. You have to think of reasons. You must think about the relevance of post, why we it matters and/or how it can help your readers. As a blogger, I will tell you to practice this every time you blog. The next thing we are going to talk about is choosing a topic.

Choose a topic

This task goes along with the first one. You need to think of a topic. You must choose wisely. When choosing a topic, ask yourself : Why should I write about it ? Would it help my readers ? Have my readers read this post a hundred time on the web, already ? You must choose a good topic. You may choose between a narrow and broad topics. Some bloggers might tell you to choose one over another. But, I will tell you that both are important. And, you may have to mix them up sometimes. For example, In a post, you may have to be broad on some sub headings, but on others, you might have to be narrow. Anyways, choose a good topic and move on with your blogging.

Get Information

The next task is getting information, researching. Before you start writing you need to get information. Do some research about it. For my SEO bloggers, research might be a good word. But, research according to me, is not for SEO. Rather it is to look at the existing ideas about your topic (that is already on the web) and use them to make new ideas (extend the ideas or extrapolate). You may also use books and others for your research. Research doesn’t just mean reading blogs. Rather, it should be a fun task, where you create connections, discover information and develop new ideas. Research will also help you to develop or copy existing analogies for your post. The last tip I can give you is about knowing your audience.

Know Your Audience

The final tip that I can give you here is that you must know your audience. You must know how they act to your information (post), who they are (newbie bloggers ? upcoming ? pro ? some others ?). Again, all these tips will help all bloggers, in general. You must know them. Knowing your audience will help you to write better posts. By knowing your audience, you will be able to write better articles, get more visitors etc.


That puts an end to our post. I hope that it helped you. Use these tips to improve your writing and get more results out of your post. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to let me know of your opinion.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.