DVD Review: Gulliver’s Travels (2010)

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Jack Black in 'Gulliver's Travels'Gulliver’s Travels (2010) is a family friendly adventure-comedy directed by Rob Letterman, and stars Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda, School of Rock), Jason Segel (I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sara Marshall), Billy Amanda Peet (2010, Identity), and Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada) in a hilarious zero-to-hero story based on the classic Jonathan Swift’s tale of Gulliver’s Travels.

Gulliver (Black) has been a mail-room supervisor for ten years. He demonstrates his immaturities about being an underachiever to his newly hired mail-room staff. He even plays Guitar Hero while on the job. Even his newly hired, extremely motivated, young mail-room clerk tells Gulliver that he needs to aspire to something greater than being mail-room supervisor, and he even gives Gulliver pointers on how to possibly land the girl of his dreams.

Well, Gulliver’s lackadaisical attitude costs him to lose his job as mail-room supervisor– well rather, downgraded, to just your average mail-room clerk—to his newly hired mail-room employee in just two days. Now, he is in the position to tell Gulliver to be motivated and aspire to bigger and better things.
Jack and the LilliputiansHe decides to take his supervisor’s advice, and apply for a job as a travel writer—and to impress his long-time crush, Darcy (Peet), he cuts and pastes content from a travel website, conveniently titles it “Gulliver’s Travels,” and hands it in–even if this means having to plagiarize his skills. As a result, he get’s the job and Gulliver eventually winds up shipwrecked on the fantastical island of Lilliput. I can go on to tell you all about how impressed the Lilliputians were with Gulliver, and how his enormous size saved the Kingdom. This, my friends, is where I have to stop embellishing you with Gulliver’s misadventures that unfortunately, misappropriately projects him into the role of a hero.

The film was filled with pointless opportunities for Gulliver to elevate his mundane importance in the real world of Manhattan—where he reigned as king, survived the Titanic, and he even spoofs on the movie Avatar. However, you would just have to appreciate Jack Black’s performance. He is great in the film, this is what he does best; trying to make people laugh. Unfortunately, this film limits the capabilities of this truly gifted comedic actor and his performance seemed like nothing more than him being, again, typecast as the overly excitable, loveable funny guy.

Family film? Good for momentary, cheap laughs. The rest, yeah well, I think you may have trouble keeping your kids entertained with this one.

Gulliver’s Travels 2 – Disc Gulliver’s Fun Pack DVD
Disc 1: Theatrical Feature

  • Gag Reel
  • Disc 2
  • Deleted scenes
    1. Old Hank
    2. Gulliver Meets Royals – Extended Version from the theatrical film
    3. Defense System
    4. Royal Banquet – Extended Version from the theatrical film
    5. Basketball
    6. King & Queen Practice Basketball and King Makes Breakfast
    7. Horation and Princess on a Date
    8. Gulliver and Edward Duel in Gulliver’s House
  • I Don’t Know…with Lemuel Gulliver’s House
  • Little and Large
  • Jack Black Thinks Big
  • Gulliver’s Foosball Challenge
  • Theatrical Trailer

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PG RatingGulliver’s Travels (2010) is rated PG for for brief rude humor, mild language and action.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.