Online Training from New Biz Blogger

Every blogger needs to take time to make sure they are marketing and using the latest and most important tactics in reaching an audience.  This is where New Biz Blogger comes into play and offers informational articles related to promoting your online business which cover everything from SEO to Social Media.


Articles like how to create landing pages that convert can really help you make sure you are improving those impression to action conversions and you are making sure you are converting readers into customers.

I am one who subscribes to the NewBizBlogger RSS feed and I rarely find an article that doesn’t have some good information in it.  The site is run by Michele Welch who also is very personable, approachable and eager to network with peers in the blogging community.  If you are a blogger writing about business, marketing, SEO or social media you can also guest blog on New Biz Blogger and help increase your exposure.

In addition to providing great articles if you are thinking about starting an online venture or blog you can hire Michele Welch to help you setup your blog or site with her offering everything from planning to web site setup and SEO support.  She also offers personalized training sessions and support.

If you haven’t visited New Biz Blogger yet, then I encourage you to go to the site and become a fan.

-Justin Germino

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