Don’t Know Enough About Blogging or WordPress? Just Ask Kim

We all have experienced blogging downtime as a result of writer’s block. Frustrations begin to build as the pressure for new blogging ideas are like scraping the bottom of a barrel. What about those times where you spend hours upon hours with trying to get a new plug-in or your theme optimized becomes an overall nightmare within itself? Well, rest easy my friends–I may have the solution for you. Meet Kim of Just Ask Kim.

Kim is a social Internet marketer and a reliable blogger’s resource. Her Blogging and WordPress optimization section offers simple WordPress and blogging solutions and tips to keep your WordPress site running effortlessly and efficiently. She tends to get into the meat-and-bones of a topic of interest. So there is never a moment while reading her blog that you are not getting the whole perspective in a review. If anything, you stand to gain more information about a product or service–the good and the bad.

How are you in social media? Are you still trying to figure out what makes this social-phenomenal aspect of networking work in your favor? Kim offers you Social Media Secrets that can help and how to include information on how to protect your Facebook profile from spammers or worse–malware. Kim offers advice on how to avoid clicking links to malware type applications and just recently–how to secure your Facebook secure browser access simply by making a few important modifications to your account:

  • Enabling FB’s half https by going to Account -> Settings -> Account Security -> Change -> Browse secure when possible. This will decrease certain vulnerabilities. This really is a MUST DO–via Just Ask Kim on Facebook security.

From blogging and WordPress; tech info and IT support information, Internet marketing, SEO, and optimization, Kim pretty much cover’s it all. If you have any questions about blogging or anything tech-related–Just Ask Kim. She won’t mind.

Blogging–made simple.

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