BlogsVertise An Alterative to BuySellAds Too

Recent updates to the BlogsVertise platform should have bloggers considering using it as a banner advertisement system, especially if their blogs are not yet approved for BuySellAds there is a good chance you can get approved for BlogsVertise.


The reason is that BlogsVertise can sell ad slots (currently limited to 300×250 or 125×125 only) for the price that you set, but also you can have filler ads that offer you a set cost per action which can help your unsold slots earn you revenue while you wait for advertisers to purchase the slot.

First log into BlogsVertise and setup your blog in the system.


After your blog is approved you then have the option to setup Display Ads.


Click to setup BlogsVertise Display ads and then you will have the ability to configure the type of ad, what section of the blog will be located on (Top Left or Top Right column are only options right now).  The ad slot must be above the fold and be visible when the page is first loaded without any scrolling.


List a description of your ad slot, how many ads can be sold in that area and your ad rate.  You can also scroll through the list of filler ads and pick the advertisement you wish to host as a filler for the slot.  It will display this ad and also show an “advertiser here” strip at the bottom for someone to purchase the slot.


The above VistaPrint ad is an example of how this looks.

BlogsVertise Features Still Needed

In looking at the system, it had potential but it needs some additional features, the first is when I set 4 banner ad slots, it didn’t prefill more than 1 ad, I would prefer to show all 4 ad slots pre-configured instead of 1.  I also wish it had the option for you to create your own custom filler, so you can say setup your own affiliate 125×125 ad but someone can purchase the slot too.

I also wish they had options for skyscraper and 768×90 leader banners at the top of blogs as well, 468×60 at top of posts would be another viable option as well they could potentially sell as banner ad slots.

Still, these additional features of BlogsVertise are a great and natural extension of the platform beyond just doing reviews and showcases of opps for advertisers and help leverage more ways for a blogger to monetize their site through the system.  I look forward to seeing the features expand over the coming months and will be curious to know how it competes against BuySellAds and other platforms that are doing the same thing.  I will likely start off by leveraging it on my smaller sites which can’t qualify for BuySellAds as a test for a short period of time.

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