Win Bluenin BlueWings Pro 1 Bluetooth Headphones

Bluenin offers a number of headphone and earbud related products and this time they have partnered with DragonBloggers to offer our readers a chance to win their BlueWings Pro  Bluetooth Headphones which have a unique design where there is a base that rests on your collar bone while the earbuds themselves are extended and are inserted into the ear.  This completely removes the risk of earbuds falling out of your ear and being lost while going out for a jog or a run because they cannot be detached from the base.

They feature always on Active Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 5 with two device pairing at the same time (so you can have 2 devices paired and alternate pick up). They also boast more than 15 hours music time, 15 hours talking time and up to 500 hours standby time.  If you are someone who needs the flexibility of having music or earbuds always close by but also be able to take them out and put them back in between tasks/errands, this is an ideal solution.  Since you don’t have to pull out your earbud case every time you want to put your earbuds away just to take them out again and fiddle to put them back in again.  The base is not only flexible and light weight, but also has easy control buttons on the headset to answer/hang up calls, play/pause/skip songs and adjust the volume to easily control all the functions of music and calls.  Long press activates Siri.

Enter to Win Bluenin BlueWings Pro 1 Bluetooth Headphones

One note, since the brand is sponsoring this giveaway and delivering the prize, only a USA address can receive this prize and there is no cash substitution.  So if you do live outside the USA and still want to enter, you are ineligible from winning a prize unless you can provide a USA address to receive the prize.  There is a way around this by using a service like where you can register and get a USA shipping address and it may be free for your first single package where you actually get a USA shipping address to receive a package and have it delivered, worth looking into.
Win a Bluenin BlueWings Pro 1 Bluetooth Headphones

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