Bluetooth Mouse Options for the Surface Pro 3

For Mother’s Day I bought my wife a Surface Pro 3 tablet as she had been wanting the portability of a tablet with the full convenience of a laptop and her 15.6″ Samsung just wasn’t portable enough and her iPad wasn’t productive enough.  One thing with the Surface Pro 3 and with Windows 8.1 in general is you eventually always need to get to desktop mode for one reason or another and the touch gestures work fine for the Charm screen but the desktop mode just doesn’t function as well with touch as it does with a mouse and keyboard.  Simply scrolling horizontal and vertical bars in a desktop browser isn’t as convenient or as easy, but the Surface Pro 3 only comes with 1 USB port, so you ideally want to find a wireless mouse solution that doesn’t tie up your only USB port.

This is where a range of Bluetooth mice come in, as a Bluetooth mouse will give you portable wireless mouse accessibility without tying up your only USB port on the Surface Pro 3.  Here is a list of portable Bluetooth Mice that are good options for your Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse

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With 4 way scrolling and tracking across virtually any surface, the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse was designed for the Surface Pro 3 when you think about it.  It even has the dedicated Windows button at the thumb area so you can instantly go back to your Windows Start Screen while your hand is still on the mouse.  It’s black color is simplistic and it’s size is very portable.  So this is a very viable option for a Bluetooth mouse.

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Button Bluetooth Mouse

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With 3 customizable buttons, 4 way touch scrolling and the same Blue track technology to make it work on any surface, the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Button Bluetooth mouse is also compatible with Android tablets and is a good option.  Unless the Windows button at the thumb is a must have feature, this mouse which is only a few bucks more may be a better deal and have more compatibility for your other devices.

Teknet BM306 Bluetooth Mouse

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I happen to really like Teknet mice, they are inexpensive and deliver on features and the Teknet BM306 Bluetooth Mouse is no exception.  You get a compact form and 2 thumb buttons, you also get DPI controls to adjust how fast or slow you want the mouse cursor to move.  At less than $15 dollars this is one of the least expensive Bluetooth mice that is compatible with your Surface Pro, Chromebook or Macbook.  One thing is the auto sleep feature which conserves battery but may annoy people as you have to click to get the mouse to respond and wake up after it goes to sleep due to inactivity.

Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse

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The Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse has a small profile, it is flatter and easy to transport.  It also includes a dedicated Windows button behind the scroll wheel for quick access to the Start Screen.  This mouse also advertises 12 month battery life on a single battery, though I haven’t been able to confirm this as that would be a very long review.  The Logitech M557 has 4 way scrolling and you can customize all the buttons to your liking, so if using a non-Windows 8 tablet you can assign the Windows button to do whatever you want.

Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

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Probably one of the most unique mice ever made, the Microsoft Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse is flexible so that you can snap the mouse to completely flat position for transport, or when you are ready to use it you arch it and it powers on.  This mouse has touch scroll buttons instead of a scroll wheel and is very portable, though it is pricier than other Bluetooth mice, if you need a mouse that completely flattens for transport then this is the mouse for you.

HP Z8000 Ultra Mobile Bluetooth Mouse

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Well the most interesting thing about the HP Z8000 Ultra Mobile Bluetooth mouse is that it is very slim and travels well, it has no discernible separate buttons meaning the entire top portion of the mouse is touch sensitive and this could get some getting used to but has unique alien appearance for a mouse.  Some complain about no Mac compatibility so keep in mind Windows support is preferable if you want this one.



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