An Amazing Massage Experience with BOB and BRAD EM-19 Massage Gun

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There are multiple ways to recover muscles. Traditionally, people will follow healthy well-balance diet. That will also include have a sufficient amount of rest. For professionals, they also go to facilities focused on getting muscles recovers and relieving pain. Nowadays, with the rise of technology, you can find an alternative solution with a massage gun. Massage gun, or a percussive massager, mimics the experience you will have from a deep tissue massage. These handheld powered device have a pulsating tip that dig into muscles and working out knots. At the same time, by providing quick pulses of pressures, they will promote blood flow. As a result, it will help reduce muscle soreness and tension effectively. In addition to the basic tennis ball, this device will also come with several attachments. They will help you massage hard-to-reach spots, or offer different massaging experience.

As a new buyer in this market, you might become overwhelmed with a huge amount of available options. Fortunately, in this article, we will showcase you a reliable massage gun from Bob and Brad brand.


Bob Schrupp is a 30-person rehabilitation agency with eight locations in Southeastern Minnesota. They are an expert in providing physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech language pathology services. Not to be treated as second fiddle, Brad Heineck also packs with expertise in sport medicines. He became a Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist in 2001. After that, he has been continuing his education on back and neck pain. In addition to that, Brad also gains pride in customizing therapy equipment in clinical settings. Together, Brand and Bod have over 50 years of combined experience in the physical therapist field.

With many years of expertise in the field, it is not surprising that they collaborate to produce the EM-19 massage gun. At a glance, the EM-19 massage gun can offer three big benefits. First of all, it can increase blood, lymphatic flow and activate the nervous systems. Secondly, the C2 massage gun can relieve muscle spasms and stiffness. At the same time, it can enhance range of motion quickly.  Last but not least, the EM-19 Massage Gun can deliver sports performance grade experience. Hence, it is capable of preventing injuries through advanced vibration healing and powerful pain relief. We are going to take a deep dive in explaining how efficient is this EM-19 massage gun

The SPORT and POWERFUL performance …

The Bob and Brad massage gun comes with a brushless motor and super blocking torque energy output. The operation will be very stable. There will be no interruption throughout the process. In addition to that, the EM-19 massage gun can deliver up to 3200 RPM speed for massaging. Thanks to the stronger percussion in this massage gun, it can meet all the requirements from professional athletes. It can help your muscle recover faster, reduce muscle pain and muscle fatigue better. Besides, it is good at releasing lactic acid.

If you are not aware of it yet, lactic acid forms when the oxygen level in body is low. In that case, the body tries to compensate it by converting newly formed lactate into energy. This process happens a lot during after intense exercise. The lactic acid tends to build up in the bloodstream faster than it can burn off.  With the excessive amount of lactic acid, it can increase a person’s risk of developing hyperlactatemia and lactic acidosis. Without treatment, both of these conditions can lead to severe, potentially fatal complications.

Another highlight from EM-19 massage gun is how versatile this equipment is. Besides the powerful performance, it also comes with 5 massage heads and speeds. Technically, this makes the equipment suitable for different parts of the body, as well as different needs. Users can easily adjust how strong the force is based on what they need. Not only does receiving the right amount of force is important, but also using the right massage head is essential as well. Thanks to many different shapes, the EM-19 massage gun can deliver different types of forces to different muscle groups. Together, they can provide targeted therapy for faster recovery.

… comes with phenomenal experience

Did you know that Bob and Brad massage gun only weigh 1.5 lbs? With this lightweight design, the massage gun is very portable and easily fit in any gym bags. Moreover, the design also includes an ergonomic silicone handle, which makes it easy to hold and operate. At first, you will not notice how much difference it will make. However, as time goes on, you will easily recognize the importance of having an ergonomic handle. It can elevate your experience to the next level. It will not slip off your palm while using. You can continuously deliver the power without any interruption.

Another feature making Bob and Brad massage gun stands out in the market is the built-in smart chip. This comes from years of experience in physical therapy. Bod and Brad surely know how much usage a person needs with this massage gun per session. That’s the reason why they implement a safety feature for auto-off after a 10 minutes usage. This prevents any harm from overuse to human body. Furthermore, the massage gun also comes with the latest noise reduction technology. Even at max 3200 RPM, it will produce less than 60DB. This will help users with a smooth and amazing experience.

Merl from our team had hands on experience with this massage gun and not only tested the massage heads, but went through showing you the vibration patterns of each massage head in a bowl of Oobleck!


You can find out more and buy the Bob and Brad EM-19 Deep Tissue Percussion Massage gun at this link.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.