Breaking Bad Review: ‘End Times’ on the Way

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Note: Episode review contains substantial spoilers.

Close but no cigar Walt!

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Is it a good thing that nearly every episode of Breaking Bad so far has given me a heart attack?  As much as I’m chapping my lips from biting down on them so hard – the writers made a smart move not to grant Walt the bulls-eye he was looking for.  Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) not only smells blood in the water but knows he is bleeding…well not bleeding from a gaping wound, more like a papercut.  Thank goodness Jesse (Aaron Paul) is on Team Walt (Bryan Cranston) again!  That is the only thing that is setting my nerves somewhat at ease.  As always, if you haven’t gotten into the spine tingling action of Breaking Bad yet, read our earlier review which will give you a perspective on the series.

The opening scene pumped the piston powered mechanical-like rhythm the editors seem to be favoring lately.  It worked really well in getting us back into the same crazed feeling that Walt left us in the past episode as he was lying breathless in manic laughter.  Skyler (Anna Gunn) naturally still embraced the Mama Bear strength inside her and wished to protect the family including Walt.  This was one time I was glad that Walt defied Skyler’s wishes and took on the gravity of what his actions caused.  Is Walt starting to retrieve his long lost conscious?  If so, I like that the writers are making this move with him, because he seemed to ride the “I am the danger” wagon for far too long.


Sacrifice played a big role in this episode and Walt was not the only one bearing the brunt of it.  An innocent in this whole messed up game – Brock (Ian Posada) – the son of Jesse’s love Andrea (Emily Rios) may end up being a potential casualty thanks to a cocktail of ricin (poison).  The scrunched up pain in Jesse’s face as he indented the gun tip into Walt’s forehead really moved me.  The catharsis in that moment when he realized what Walt is explaining to him adds up is unmatched by any moment I recall watching in motion pictures recently.  That’s the magic of Breaking Bad, every scene feels like an A-list thriller in itself.

While this episode indicates that some favorites may not be returning like Saul (hey the guy always blurts out he’s going to skip town every other episode) – this was an amazing lead-up to what looks like an insanely awesome finale.  Something in my heart told me Jesse would finally put the pieces together and know he was better off embracing Walt rather than the cold blooded reptile of a man known as Gustavo.  It would really peeve me at this point if the writers decide to stretch the assassination of Gus till the next season.  Who am I to tell them what to do though?  This is just one series that keeps on giving…

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.