Microsoft decides Google Chrome is a virus

Microsoft runs a free Anti-Virus called Microsoft Security Essentials to protect it’s users from viruses  (you probably know about this) but something really interesting happened recently when Microsoft flagged Google Chrome more specifically as a virus known as the notorious Zeus bot PWS:Win32/Zbot.

MSSE removed Chrome from nearly 3000 systems and caused a panic among the users of Google Chrome. In fact a lot of people became rebellious and started commenting it out on this thread in Chrome forums.This is not the first time a legitimate program has been marked as a malware, McAfee caused a even more grave issue when it removed a critical windows file (The file it removed is svchost.exe! ) which forced your Windows XP computer go into an endless reboot cycle.

If you are affected

Do not panic , the issue is really easy to fix

  1. Update Microsoft security essentials to the latest version
  2. After updating , Uninstall Chrome , unchecking the Also delete your browsing data button
  3. Now Download Google Chrome AGAIN and install , Chrome is available for download free of charge here .
  4. Enjoy your browser!

Did Microsoft Nuke Chrome intentionally?

It actually might be true! What has Microsoft to gain with Chrome going? Internet Explorer. If Chrome is taken off the computer and if the computer does not have any other browser other than Chrome , then naturally the users will have to use Internet Explorer. Though this seems like it would be a genuine reason, it is really most likely a simple algorithm error and completely accidental as Microsoft wouldn’t risk suffering the backlash of publicly and knowingly attacking another company product especially one as high profile as Google.

Another interesting thing users pointed out was that Chrome was marked as Zeus bot , what’s significant here is that the Zeus  is a notorious bot that steals financial information from the target’s computer including PayPal passwords , Credit card numbers and passwords. Chrome has been criticized for sending far too much information about browsing history and what is entered in the Chrome Omnibox.

What do you think about this intentional or not? And do you think Chrome is safe? We would LOVE to hear from you!

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