Google Chrome To Hit 2nd Most Popular Browser in 2012

Chrome browser continues to increase market share and is predicted to hit 20% of the web browser market in 2012 according to some technology experts.  This comes as IE9 fails to win any significant amount of users and IE continues its downward trend with Chrome being the largest benefactor.

In a recent Computer World article [read here] Chrome ended the month of September 2011 with 16.2% of the Browser market share compared to Safari’s 5% considering that Safari.

imageIt is estimated that by June 2012 Chrome will also overtake Firefox as the 2nd most popular web browser in terms of percentage behind all the iterations of Internet Explorer (6,7,8 and 9 combined make up the largest % by far still).

This only looks like an increase as Chrome OS notebooks start gaining a little traction (very little albeit) and android devices continue to spread out like tribbles across users internationally.

I myself have converted to Chrome as my dominant browser over a year ago and haven’t looked back. In fact I have never even bothered to open my Firefox except maybe 1x per month when debugging my website or testing it for multiple browser compatibility.

As a web site owner, I often have to make sure my site operates on every browser you can think of and even with the market % being so small you have to make sure your site loads properly and quickly.  I have tested with Opera, Chrome, Firefox 6, IE9, Safari, Rockmelt (Chromium based) and several mobile browsers.  iChromy for iPad for example is another Chromium based browser.


In fact, if you look at the last 30 days traffic on my site you will see out of 87,032 unique visits that 27,997 were from users using Google Chrome!  Firefox comes it at #2 with 26,251 visitors while Internet Explorer is 16,001.

As my site primarily appears to bloggers and tech enthusiasts this would show you that most savvy internet folk have already made Chrome the dominant browser of choice.  Oddly enough I don’t know what Android Browser is, I thought Android only used a version of Chrome by default.

Mozilla Compatible Agent must be something like Flock browser I would imagine.

Have you looked at Google Analytics to see what browser type makes up the majority of your visitors?  Share your stats here with me, tell me which browser type most commonly visits your site!

-Dragon Blogger

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