Bring Instagram Feeds to Your Website with Instagram Feed WD

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Instagram was launched as an iOS-only app back in 2010 and now it is among the leading social networks in the world. It beated Twitter in 2015 with over 400 million daily active users and more than 40 million shared photos every day and became the largest photo sharing platform worldwide. Instagram has become a truly global community having as members people from all around the world sharing the passion for photo blogging.

As Instagram gained such a widespread popularity, don’t you think it will be great to bring some of its feeds to your WordPress website? If your answer is “Yes!”, then WordPress Instagram Feed WD plugin is right what you need. It’s an advanced tool for sharing multiple user or hashtag based feeds on your website.

I want to introduce to you some of its features and functionalities, so that you get to know what it is capable of and why it is worth choosing it over other available Instagram integration plugins.

Core features

  • SEO friendly
  • User friendly
  • Responsive

WordPress Instagram Feed WD plugin is responsive and you can be sure that integrated Instagram images are accessible across any kind of devices. It’s easy to use and customize, and is developed taking into consideration basic SEO requirements to ensure high rankings for your website.


  • Masonry
  • Blog style
  • Thumbnails
  • Image browser

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The plugin allows you to display Instagram images in four beautiful layouts. Available in the Instagram Feed WD PRO version Masonry and Blog style modern layouts are absolute stand-outs. “Masonry”  is a grid-based layout,without fixed height rows. It optimizes the usage of your page space and images follow one another without any unnecessary gaps within them. With “Blog style” layout you can display feed images in  large thumbnails and provide a better user experience on your website. The plugin provides a sea of customization options for all the layouts. You can choose pagination, infinite scrolling and load more button options for feed display and set image sorting options such as by likes, date, comments or random. Also, you can enable number of likes, image description, followers count and choose whether to show image comments, user data and bio.

Advanced lightbox

You can choose what happens when visitors click on an image: open the image in the lightbox or redirect them to the original Instagram page. The plugin features a really powerful lightbox. it is capable of showing the images in a large mode with the available accompanying metadata, such as captions, number of likes, comments, hashtags, etc. Images can be displayed as a slideshow with 15  transition effects in the lightbox. Media content can also be showed  with a filmstrip option within the lightbox, which makes it easier to scroll through a number of images. Videos in the feeds are played as HTML5 files.  You can choose to enable image comments in the lightbox and make all the customizations that you need.

Conditional Filters

 This is again a new and unique feature that works perfectly only in Instagram Feed WD plugin. Conditional filters enable you to use more advanced filtering options in the feeds, combining image source with a specific condition, such as hashtags, username, description,media links and mentions. It allows you to display media showing either one or all the conditions mentioned. You can also choose to exclude the specified conditions from the feeds.



The plugin comes with two customizable themes and also gives you the possibility to create unlimited number of themes with personalized feed and lightbox options. Instagram Feed WD plugin enables you to make all the adjustments for feed display and change the lightbox options to best fit your website and needs. You can change the feed, header, user data, pagination and layout options and also customize lightbox features and styling options for the added new themes.

A fully customizable widget area is another way to take full control of the displayed widgets. You can select the feeds or hashtags you want to display, set the number of the images to be shown and choose whether or not to display image likes and comments.


One of its standout features is its responsiveness. As you look through other Instagram feed plugins you’ll find out that not every plugin is capable of providing accessibility across different devices.
Masonry and Blog style layouts are also another unique additions to the Instagram Feed WD plugin. Your visitors will surely appreciate the modern look they provide to your website.

With the detailed documentation that comes with the plugin its installation and setup will take no longer than a few minutes. The professional support team is always readily available to help you with any problem you may encounter while using the plugin. Another advantage worth mentioning is that the plugin is being updated on a regular basis.


I’m not sure whether to consider it as a limitation, but the plugin is new and therefore lacks reviews and high rankings, that most of the users are looking for. Although its number of active installs is constantly growing, its popularity still leaves much to desire.

Despite the fact that Instagram Feed WD plugin is newly released, it really has powerful and unique features that other Instagram integration plugins fail to provide.It is the most feature rich Instagram feed plugin available in WordPress directory, which is definitely worth giving a try.  Make sure to go to the Instagram plugin demo to see how it works.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.