Buyer’s Guide to the Latest Trends and Updates About Gadgets

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Technology has truly taken over, with numerous gadgets being churned out every minute of the day, you can manually check thousands of gadgets and updates to know what’s best in the market these days, or, you can check our comprehensive buyer’s guide on the latest, best, and newest gadgets with all their updates, in other words, the crème de la crème of gadgets will be presented in our guide.

How Do We Do It?

Crunch reviews simply can remove all the noise in the market and focus on the best and most important gadgets, using the experience and information they had gained from buying a lot of products online as a backdrop, Crunch Reviews managed to minimize all the gadgets in market to a list of the best few available gadgets, pros and cons are mentioned for every chosen gadget based on first impression and feedback most importantly.

Best TV

Well, this one is easy, Samsung Q9FN QLED 2018 is considered by almost every tech review entity to be the best TV in this year’s market. Last year, Samsung dropped their QLED TV into the market but it did not make the splash they were expecting, this time they made sure that their QLED technology won’t go by unnoticed; honed their HDR picture representation to its best, added in a remarkably clear and high-quality sound, addressed their contrast problem that arose last year, used a Full Array Local Dimming in joint with Samsung’s Quantum Dots technology. The only aspect which could be considered a con is the limited viewing angles which are dependent on the viewer’s position that may affect the viewing experience.

Best Headphones

Sony swept the carpet from right under Bose with their WH-1000XM2; Bose was the top providers of noise-canceling headphones with Bose QC35 II, Sony managed to almost reach their level of noise-cancellation, they also managed to outperform them in terms of performance, sound quality, and design. These aren’t your average headphones, it has settings that can control ambient noise to cancel out certain frequencies and a mode to remove all noise-cancellation features so you could quickly react or hear the sounds around you. It may only lack in the battery department compared to Bose’s but the difference isn’t really a deal-breaker.

Best VR Headset

Virtual reality took the world by surprise, a sci-fi dream coming true. HTC Vive won the battle-royale of VR headsets, it is considered to be the best in the market; an incredible resolution of 1080p for each eye, 169 square foot of space to play in, which is plenty. If you’re only looking for the best performance with price not being an issue then HTC Vive is your way to go. Main cons are the price of the unit and the high-end PC needed to accommodate the VR.

Stay Informed, Stay Dynamic

It is certainly beneficial for you to research the products that pique your interest in our guide, narrowing down the list is only half the work to choose the gadget that truly satisfies you.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.