CapCut Free Online Video Editor: Top Features You Must Know

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ByteDance, the firm behind TikTok, has introduced CapCut, an all-in-one online video editor. It includes strong editing capabilities and an intuitive UI. Making vertical films and editing them without losing quality are CapCut’s key capabilities. With CapCut, you can choose clips and images, and the software will apply effects and background music. Additionally, the software offers overlays for flames and video-shaking effects. You may divide videos, add text, crop off backdrops from pictures of individuals, and even apply transparent overlays.


One tool that CapCut provides is a transition, a brief clip that seamlessly joins one shot to the next. It features a range of transition choices, including basic, camera, MG, effect, and mask, which enables you to conceal cuts to other clips invisibly.

Choosing a transition that best fits your film is important because you can only add one between each pair of primary footage. Since transitions cannot be added directly to overlays, one sneaky workaround is creating a video with a transition and then adding it as an overlay.

Online Repository

If you’re a content creator, you must exploit this feature. There is a sizable online tool library for this video editor that contains many background music files, transition effects, typefaces, and filters. They stay up to speed with the shifting social media trends. You may use this to keep up with new concepts for creating video content without investing any additional effort.


The benefit of CapCut free online video editor is that it enables us to edit our movies in the same way that we edit our images. This also applies to stickers. Stickers are divided into groups based on concepts. In addition to the most prevalent emoji, stickers are now available. These include snowflakes, stars, arrows, and those that are time-specific or themed, including vlogs, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Only images in JPG and PNG formats are accepted for import as stickers. If you often use stickers, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options available.


CapCut ingeniously pre-sets text editing templates to save you time by preventing you from becoming bogged down in a network of complex and important tabs, such as modifying font sizes, switching between styles, and experimenting with various bubbles. Additionally, if you grow weary of manually inserting text, consider combining the Voiceover tool and the Auto captions tool in the audio editing area.

More specifically, when you select Auto captions, CapCut will build a caption layer. All created captions will then be divided up into separate graphic layers at the precise time code that they are uttered.


Choose from a variety of filters to soften or sharpen your films and give them a more polished appearance. A variety of beautifying tools are available to improve the quality of videos, along with color-based and season-based filters.

Filters may also be employed efficiently if you have many clips with distinct color ranges or varying contrast and brightness levels. Since most of them cannot be edited in CapCut, you may prevent the need for a desktop editor by selecting the appropriate filters and using them consistently throughout your clips.


Additionally, various additional effects are available, including split-screen, vintage, humorous, dreamy, party, and more. These effects add new components to your film, giving the impression that it has been well produced. You may fine-tune your effects to acquire the precise one that is appropriate for that video by choosing from the subcategories of effects found inside each of these categories. Another fantastic effect is the blending effect, which enables you to layer one video on top of another so that the topics blend into the finished product.

Video Stabilization

The stabilization option is only available in a select few video editors, including CapCut. It can steady even the shakiest movies without excessively cropping the scene. Use the stabilization tool while filming action sequences to ensure that your footage is stable and fluid.


CapCut is accessible through the web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. You also need not worry about high graphic card configurations as the application runs through the browser. Any online browser may be used to utilize CapCut. You don’t even need to register an account; just download the app and edit video content.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.