Give Your New iPhone 15 the Best Look With the carved Wood Cases

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Do you have the iPhone 15 but would like to give it a unique look? Carved cases offer you exactly this

The powerful new iPhone 15 is now available in stores, so chances are you already have yours. Apple has improved many aspects such as the camera and performance (although iPhones do not usually have any performance problems). As you know, the iPhone 15 has a high launch price, so you’ll probably want to protect it in case it has an accident. It is at this moment where the carved cases become your best ally not only because they offer cases with incredible designs, but they are also designed to be extremely durable.

How about a wooden case? That sounds like a unique and incredibly beautiful idea when a manufacturer like carved insists on offering the best designs with impeccable quality. Recently carved has launched its cases for the new iPhone 15 (including the Pro and Pro Max versions). Best of all, they are handmade, which adds great value to them. So, if you’d like to give your new iPhone a unique look then read on to discover some of the best designs carved has to offer.

  • iPhone 15

Carved has more than 10 designs of cases for the iPhone 15, all the designs are amazing so remember that you can find all those designs in the purchase link.

The CHERY model case is just one of the more than 10 amazing designs that carved has available in its store. This case is made with real maple wood and is proudly made in Elkhart, Indiana. The outside of the case is made with high-quality protective rubber, which means that it is much more resistant compared to cheap cases that often limit protection. This case is also fully compatible with MagSafe (includes a magnet). Have the guarantee that you will receive a case as beautiful as in the image (carved guarantees it).

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  • iPhone 15 Pro

The powerful new iPhone 15 is equipped with an A17 Pro chip and a 6-core GPU. Apple has also done an incredible job of being forged with titanium (something innovative in most cell phones). So, you definitely need a sturdy case if you want to protect this thing. Carved offers you exactly this but with unique and innovative designs.

The STANLEY case is another amazing unique design that carved offers you. This wooden case is inspired by the beauty of planet Earth, achieving an incredibly innovative design that will give a unique look to your iPhone 15 Pro. Like the previous case, the STANLEY case is handmade with real maple wood. It also has a reinforced rubber outer casing, which ensures that your iPhone 15 Pro is protected from accidental drops, reducing the risk of costly damage.

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  • iPhone 15 Pro Max

This is the most expensive model Apple has so far and as you know that always means the best specifications. In addition to having an incredibly powerful processor, it is equipped with an X5 telephoto camera to enhance your zoom photos (this is the main difference between the previous models). So, carved also has a sturdy wood case to protect the most expensive iPhone at the moment.

The MYRNA case is another unique design handmade by carved. Like the previous cases, it is proudly made in Elkhart, Indiana. It is also made with real maple wood, which gives it a durable and comfortable look. The click buttons are still so satisfying that you will definitely love using them. The case is made with rubber and epoxy resin to ensure the best protection in case your iPhone suffers an accidental drop.

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All case models are compatible with most iPhone 15s!

Unlike other manufacturers, most of the models of wooden cases that carved has in its store are compatible with any iPhone 15, so just choose your iPhone model to buy the design you like the most and you will receive one just like how you see it in the image (guaranteed).

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.