How To: Achieve Maximum Screen Resolution in Windows 8

Some computers that come preloaded with Windows 8 automatically make text, title bars, and other parts of the user interface larger than they need to be. Even if your screen resolution is set to the highest possible setting in Control Panel, your graphics card may be enlarging everything to 125% on its own. This tutorial will show you how to achieve the maximum screen resolution on your Windows 8 PC. In the screenshots above, the … Read more

DIY How to Solve Laptop Overheating Shutdown Problem

Is your laptop overheating frequently? There may be several reasons for an overheating laptop, but in this post we’re going to learn about the most common cause and its solution.  Why does a laptop generate heat? Is it supposed to get overheated normally? There is a high density of electronic equipment inside such a tiny box, using your notebook PC. This causes heat generation in several parts – CPU, Graphics card, Hard Disk (HDD) or … Read more

7 Ways to Cool down an Overheating Laptop

A Laptop, no doubt is one of the most essential gadgets as it is light weight and portable in nature. Everyone loves to have a Laptop because of their compact design and portability. Like most of the gadgets, Laptops also have some drawbacks and problems as well, Overheating being the major one of them. Almost all Laptops overheat on continuous usage of 4-5 hours and playing high res games heats the Laptop even faster. The … Read more