Changing Trends in The Gaming Industry

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Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to spend time indoors, which has surged live streaming and video game usage. Playing video games for an audience has spiked when people are locked up in their houses. Video game live streaming has provided an opportunity for people to turn their hobby into a fantastic performance that others can enjoy. Streamers can earn a large sum of money on becoming popular enough.

Fortunately, live streaming is the best thing happening right now in this gaming world. It has been reported that in North America there has been a rise of 75% in the online gaming sector and 12% spike in live streaming. Overall online traffic has experienced an increase of around 20%. However, the usage of social media remained to stagnate. Live streaming has witnessed an increase of 66% in case of hours watched in Italy, followed by country-wide quarantine with around 2500 deaths.

Individuals have started working from home amid COVID-19, and students have switched to online learning, thereby boosting the engagement of people with video games and live streaming. This has further resulted in the rise of revenues for various gaming enterprises. The prevailing trends of the online gaming sector have escalated, particularly during gaming. Playing games for audience acts as an engaging distraction for people seeking social interaction as business and customer activity has declined for maintaining social distancing.

Furthermore, with the surge in COVID-19 cases, all the entertainments options have got cancelled in communities all over the world. Thus, the escalation in online gaming is not at all surprising. Also, it is expected that during the pandemic, the gaming sector will flourish than the market average.

Some of the popular streaming platforms for streamers are as followers:

  • Twitch
  • Facebook gaming
  • YouTube
  • Caffeine

All these platforms allow gamers to broadcast their game-play session. The features and approach of these websites make them different from one another. Twitch is one of the most popular live-streaming websites. A person can simply visit the website to jump into a streaming community, initiate with watching videos and communicate with the viewers in the chat.

The reasons for the popularity of video game live streaming platforms are as follows:

  • The best thing about these services is that one can enjoy it at free of cost.
  • The features that make a live streaming platform unique is its interactive features such as alluring layout which are visually quite dense and highlight various enchanting videos.
  • The dedicated apps of these services allow people to chat and view conveniently on their mobiles.
  • The non-gaming content of these services allures the non-gamers.
  • It allows viewers to watch professional live shows emphasizing on music, culture and other entertainment content.
  • It provides a platform for gamers to interact with millions of players and avail various gaming opportunities.
  • It acts as a platform for streamers to create and empower a community of creators and fans. Though it is the fans that form these communities, yet their culture is not at all identical.
  • The broadcasters can optimize the ways of interacting with the audience by making use of chat customization options.
  • The social vibe of the platform creates a beautiful experience not only for the streamers but for the viewers as well.
  • No particular device is needed for live streaming of video games. A streamer can redirect these live streams to other social media platforms in order to seek the attention of potential viewers.
  • Streamers at times, organize various contests and giveaways to attract viewers and enhance the followers.
  • These live streaming platforms allow free registration for viewers and streamers, thereby allowing them to communicate with gamers having the ability to follow or subscribe to each other.
  • There is a wide range of video games streamed on these platforms such as online games, royal battle games, action games, casino games, real-time strategy games and so on.
  • The popularity of live streaming of casino games enthralls the attention of new users each day as it allows the viewers to have a visual experience of casino games before they venture into it.
  • The features like comment section allow the viewers to ask questions even when the game is underway.
  • It allows the streamers to drive huge revenue for their business by reach out to thousands of followers and viewers with just a click of a button.
  • It allows the viewers to stay updated on the latest news and events and creates a platform for the viewers and followers to connect with various companies actively.

All these features ensure that the viewers and streamers are excited about the fresh content. Live streaming has made gaming more attractive and fun. More and more gamers are showing interest in live streaming post-pandemic. The number of people who just watch these streamers rather than playing themselves is also surging at a rapid pace. Now, tons of people of all ages are initiating to create and watch live streaming videos. Since the beginning of COVID-19 and starting of lockdown, the online gaming sector has witnessed truly impressive growth.

Online gaming is an at-home practice which is proliferating, particularly during the pandemic. Social distancing has created the availability of massive enlargement of the audience. Even the game games released amid COVID-19 are showing remarkable performance. Various sectors all over the world are struggling amid pandemic as it has paralyzed numerous countries. Online gaming is the sector flourishing with people stuck at home and having merely anything to do.

No doubt, the lockdown has been a boon to live streaming platforms as these have occupied a vital space in the mainstream. People have started watching live streaming of video games more in lockdown than ever before. These live streaming platforms have witnessed a growth of 50 per cent in terms of hours watched between March and April. Twitch and YouTube are considered as the two main live streaming platforms as they have a major contribution to the growth of the online gaming sector.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.