Charge 3 Devices at the Same Time with The Anker 737 Portable Power Bank

Looking for a high-performance power bank that not only allows you to charge cell phones, but also a MacBook?

If you travel frequently or often have electrical problems in your home, then you know that having a reliable source of energy is important if you want to keep using your devices no matter where you are. So if you plan to travel for a few days then it is important to take with you a good portable power bank, they are great since they allow you to charge cell phones and tablets, which is very useful in case you do not have a plug nearby, so, whether you plan to travel or have electrical problems in your home,  A power bank will be of great help.

There are different types of power banks, and the main difference is not only the amount of mAh they can store but also the power they can offer, what do I mean by this? Well, most power banks only offer enough power to charge cell phones, tablets, and wireless headphones, which is great in most cases, but when you need to charge a laptop like a MacBook or a Dell laptop with USB Type-C charging port the power will be limited, and it will not even be possible to recharge a device of this type. So, if you want to charge your laptop quickly, then a high-performance portable power bank will surely come in handy when you don’t have access to power.

The Anker 737 power bank is what you need if you plan to travel for a few days or if you often experience electrical problems in your home. Anker is one of the most popular brands when it comes to power banks, power stations, and all kinds of high-quality portable devices. Below, discover the most interesting features of this product.

Features of the Anker 737 portable power bank

If you are looking for a high-performance portable power bank, then the Anker 737 will be of great help in case you want to keep using your devices no matter where you are. The main feature of this portable power bank is that it offers a power capacity of 24,000 mAh, which is a high enough amount that you can charge an iPhone 14 almost 5 times, which is crazy, so, you can travel for a week and have enough power to charge your cell phone without worries. This power bank is not only compatible with iPhones, but also with most Android devices. You can charge your AirPods and most devices with similar power consumption.

This power bank includes 2 USB Type-C ports and one USB-A port. The Anker 737 offers 18W fast charging so you can charge your phones quickly. The C1 port offers a maximum fast charge of 140W (using a PD 3.1 cable), which means it’s possible to charge 50% of a MacBook Pro in just 40 minutes, so that’s incredibly fast. The 24,000mAh offers enough power to charge your MacBook 1.3 times. It also includes an LED display so you can see the amount of power remaining. Finally, you should know that an advanced security system protects the power bank from any electrical problems.

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