Need Compact External SSD storage? Check out Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB

Looking for a compact, high-capacity external SSD to save games, movies, or documents?

SSD was a technological breakthrough to increase the speed and performance of running programs, so it almost completely replaced the old HDD. Although the vast majority of people use at least SSDs in the internal storage of their computers, the truth is that the vast majority prefer to use external hard drives instead of SSD. External hard drives are significantly cheaper compared to an SSD, so people often prefer quantity over quality. An SSD offers you many benefits such as an increase when running games or programs, this considerably reduces the waiting time compared to a traditional hard drive. SSD is also less prone to shock wear. External HDD can lose information at any time if hit because it uses a mechanical drive to operate.

Although external storage drives are mostly portable devices, the truth is that they are still devices that do not fit in your pocket, so opting for something more compact could improve comfort. Among the external SSD of compact size, we can find the Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB. This is an SSD smaller than a credit card, so you can carry this device with ease. If you are looking for new external storage you would surely like to know more about this product.

Features of Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB External SSD

The incredible Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB is a large capacity storage unit, it also has a compact size, so you can transport this device with ease. Among the main features of this SSD, we can highlight its high rapid transfer of large files, making it a good option to transfer 4K videos, games, music, documents, and much more. This SSD promises a transfer speed of up to 1000 m/s so you will be able to transfer files over 100 GB in about 5 minutes. Please note that the transfer speed may vary slightly. Another feature is its compact size. This storage drive is smaller in size than a credit card and is assimilated to the size of a USB stick, so you will surely be able to carry this SSD with ease. The Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB is designed for use on Windows and Mac OS. The 2TB storage should be enough to save a lot of heavy games, you can also expect an improvement in loading time while playing. Finally, this external SSD is built with aluminum alloy, ensuring a long service life.


If you need a compact external SSD then the Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB could be a great buy. This storage drive provides a transfer speed of up to 1000 m/s so you will be able to transfer files over 100 GB in no time. The size of this SSD is less than a credit card, so you will surely be able to save this SSD with ease.

You can buy this item here: Sabrent Rocket Nano 2TB USB 3.2 10Gb/s External Aluminum SSD (Black) (SB-2TB-NANO-BLK) : Electronics

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