Chrome Browser at Ten Thousand Extensions

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Tech Crunch reported the other day that the Google Chrome browser which is just around a year old already has just about 10,000 extensions (addons) to the browser, this makes it just under 3,000 shy of reaching the number of Firefox extensions that exist at over 12,500 or so. This means in 1 year Google Chrome has expanded to where there are nearly as many functionality and feature addons and enhancements as Mozilla Firefox.

This is a signal just showing how rapidly Google has taken the Chrome browser with updates every 6 weeks Chrome is releasing more major versions with enhancements and features in a pace that Mozilla Firefox cannot apparently keep up. Google has the muscle to address and fix bugs, vulnerabilities and at a lightning pace and we continue to see security vulnerabilities found for Firefox though I feel that Firefox is still a larger target for exploitation than Google Chrome.

This will change as Google OS takes foot and Google Chrome continues to increase its market share of the web browser space, by bundling the Google Chrome OS into Android and Chrome Operating systems they will place a foothold that Mozilla has not had much luck in and that is getting the browser to be the default install on an Operating System.

I for one am almost completely using the Google Chromium based browser, though I am using RockMelt almost exclusively now as the search bar and RSS feed integration are better than any extensions I can find on Google Chrome itself right now. RockMelt is based on the Chrome 8 and is kept updated to match Google Chrome browser version releases. Fortunately most Google Chrome extensions work just fine on RockMelt, but there are a few that can give trouble (I myself haven’t found any, but I have read reports on them).

Google Chrome for me is the fastest internet browser and utilizes less memory than FireFox, when the browser does crash (rarely) only a single tab crashes and never does it impact all the other tabs in the same browser window. The only crashes I ever see occur typically have to do with opening PDF files inside the browser or occasionally hitting websites with heavy scripting.

I did have high hopes for Firefox which is going to be releasing a browser that completely changes the way we view web pages and we will no longer see traditional tabs and “pages” the way we do now, but I am not sure if this innovation will be enough to stop the Google machine from consuming market share in the browser world. What I am surprised at is that Microsoft Internet Explorer is still so dominant because it is the default operating system on Windows machines, despite that it is among the worst browsers (IE 9 however does much better than previous versions) I still find it renders CSS poorly in many cases on certain websites.

Out of the next generation of browsers which is your favorite? Have you taken a look at the 10,000 Google Chrome Extensions yet? Anything you could be looking for you can find, by the way an extension called Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer solves the PDF crashing issue and works with RockMelt as well as Google Chrome.

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.