Clever Ways to Improve Your Word Game

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Word games are a great way to improve your vocabulary, learn new words and have a whole lot of fun. Because they’re competitive, but also involve a lot of skills, they make it easier for a person to get exposed to different words, improve spelling and fall in love with words in a whole new way. However, when it comes to word games, there are certain strategies and techniques you can use to improve your score and master the game that you need to be familiar with.

Using long words

One of the best ways to improve your score in word games is by trying to use as many tiles as possible in your turn. In order to identify the longest word you can make from the tiles in your hand, you can just insert the letters on and see all the possible combinations of words you can make. This will be a great trick to let you know if you’ll be able to use all your tiles at once to get the bonus points. Once you’ve unscrambled the letters, your eyes will get used to the combination of letters you didn’t know could make a certain word, allowing you to re-use it the following time you have the same tiles in hand, as well as getting exposed to all different combinations to increase your word count in other games.

Adding prefixes and suffixes

A great way to get a high score without using many tiles or when you’re stuck and can’t seem to think of a word is to look at the words already made out on the board and see whether you can make the words longer by adding a prefix or a suffix to it. Imagine how helpful it would be to simply add an ‘s’ to an already existing word and getting the points of all the letters. You can even change a word’s tense by adding -ed or add other suffixes such as -er, -est or -ing. Prefixes such as dis-, un-, im-, and so many others can even help you reach a triple or double word score tile as well as using longer words, making it an excellent way to improve your word game scores.

Connect more than one word together

Why get points for just one word when you can get points for two or more? This can be done by connecting two words together by adding an ‘s.’ Let’s say the board already has the three-letter word ‘hat’ horizontally, instead of just adding the s, you can add an entire word such as ‘jumps,’ allowing you to get the points for both words and, consequently, adding to your point score even more. You can also make use of this strategy by adding a word horizontally over another existing horizontal word as long as all tiles that touch make words.

Learn as many two-letter and three-letter words as possible

While longer words usually get you more points, knowing more two- and three-letter words can be extremely beneficial, especially with high scoring letters such as K, Q, X, Z and J in Scrabble. This also gives you the opportunity to come up with word combinations in word games such as Boggle. Getting familiar with them will not only add more words to your vocabulary, but also will give you more options to make use of these high score letters and increase your score immensely.

Take advantage of bonus tiles

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a big word that will give you a high score, but if it’s your turn and there’s an opportunity to make use of a bonus tile, you should always seize it, not only because it will increase your score, but also because if you don’t, you’re handing an incredible opportunity for your opponents to beat your score and possibly win at the game. Always remember that, while it is best to try and save bonus tiles for words that will score more points, you need to always be on the defense and close down on opportunities for your opponents, too. Keep this in mind when placing words on the board, too, to avoid opening up better word options for your opponents.

In a nutshell, you need a lot of strategy and tactic to be able to master the game and be truly unbeatable. While it is a great educational game, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its competitive side and master as many tricks as possible to be able to secure a win every single game. Using these strategies and tips will spice things up and make you the master of word games that you deserve to be.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.