Cloning Your Hard Disk with EaseUS Todo Backup Free

EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.8 is one of the free hard drive cloning software that gets the job done easy and fast. It does make it very easy for just about anyone to perform a disk clone especially if you just bought a larger capacity hard disk or a faster solid state disk; either as a replacement or as an upgrade from your current system.

With this free hard drive cloning software, you can start using your brand new drive in just a few minutes. It is fast, easy and safe. No longer do you have to spend countless hours and days just to get everything up and running. Plus, all your settings, applications and games are there – no configurations required. You don’t have to reinstall anything at all.

Let’s find out how to get started with disk clone.

Step #1

First of all, you need to download EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.6 from its main website –

Step #2

Proceed to install the free hard drive cloning software, and launch it.

Step #3

Once inside, the main window will display all of its features. Click on Clone.

Step #4

It will then popup a window where it will ask you to choose your source disk. This will be the drive that you want to clone. Choose one drive/partition and click Next.

Step #5

Next you will see all of your connected drives and all the possible partition to proceed with the cloning. Choose your destination disk and click Next. Before that, you can also tick Optimize for SSD or tick Sector by sector clone accordingly.

That’s all it takes for you to make full use of the disk clone feature of this free hard drive cloning software. Depending on the capacity of your hard drive, the larger the amount of data that will be cloned, it will vary between just mere minutes or a few hours at least.

Below are some tips for you to get the best cloning experience.

  1. The destination disk would need to have the same or more space than the source disk.
  2. Shut down your computer once the disk clone is completed, if the source disk contains the system partition.
  3. Remove either the source disk or destination disk to ensure your computer can boot normally.

That’s all it takes for a free hard drive cloning software called EaseUS Todo Backup Free 8.8 to perform a disk clone. It is very easy and straight forward, now everyone can clone disk and transfer your data to a replacement drive.

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