ComingSoon Tech for KickStarter Projects

So it turns out that is a site where you can enter competitions to try and win a products if you can be in the top 1 or sometimes 2 referrers for new and upcoming products. One thing I didn’t realize however is winning 1st or 2nd place doesn’t mean much if the product doesn’t funded, so you are encouraged to help the product you are excited about reach funding after the project goes live.

The coming soon part is where a Kickstarter that is about to fund can collect emails from interested people so they can notify those people and encourage them to fund the Kickstarter project, and I am using the StandIT project as an example.  Only if the project goals are met will the person who met the referral qualifications to win the product actually be valid, so you really have to not only get 1st place, but you have to also hope the project funds as well as mentioned.  This I felt was a bit misleading, when first signing up but it makes sense and I still believe in this particular project because an adjustable standing desk at a reasonable price is something of value. If the project funds I am hoping I will still receive a StandIT desk for reaching #2 place in the referral for StandIT desk.  The one thing I don’t like, is that once the Kickstarter page launched you can’t see any entries or tracked measurement that prove that I made the #2 spot.

If you are interested in a StandIT Desk, you can actually support the KickStarter project and get the desk at a great discount by investing in it as a Kickstarter backer.  At the time of this writing the project was over 60% funded and still had around 40 days left to meet it’s kickstarter goal.

Here is hoping it funds and I can win one this fall.  I actually telecommute full time for my day job plus all my blogging efforts, so literally spend 14 hours a day total in an office chair, this would help allow me to stand many of those hours at least and is something I really want.

You can check out what other up and coming tech products are seeking backers on Coming Soon to see if anything is worth sharing to see if you can win one too if they fund.

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