Comparing Smart Assistants: Google vs Alexa vs Siri

Smart assistants are among the best things that have happened to the smartphones. They have totally given a new definition to the word smart. A smart assistant is like a virtual robot that is available for you and your tasks. You can ask it to do a lot of things. They exist to serve you tirelessly. Currently we have three very popular smart assistants. They are Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant and Apple Siri. They are made on the base of artificial intelligence which is why they are something that keeps getting better with time.

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All the smart assistants basically work on the same logic, they just differ when it comes to the protocols and ethics. All the smart assistants get alert after a particular cue. The different smart assistants get alert by different cue. For Amazon alexa it is Hey alexa, Ok google for google assistant while Hey siri for Apple Siri. The smart assistants can handle any type of query. Since their query comes and is processed at servers, they need to have a good internet connection which is why you see they work slowly when connected to a poor internet connection.

The working of a smart assistant is very complex that happens in the backend. The users on the other hand never get to know or see as the process is so smooth that everything happens in a blink. The very first process is to alert the smart assistant. Once it does then the sentence is broken in small pieces and sent to the server. It is at the server side that the algorithm analyzes if the statement is a query or just an assertive statement. Once confirmed the best response is framed and sent back to the phone. The whole process happens so fast that the user can’t even feel it. The below infographic is a wonderful description of how the three different assistants work.

Comparing Smart Assistants – Infographic

Infographic credit: Techiespad


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