Compelling reasons why you should be using a dash or helmet cam on the road

Have you ever thought about getting a dashcam? Or a camera for your helmet? Whether you drive a car, ride a motorcycle, or a bicycle, everyone could benefit from recording what happens on the road. These little cameras simply sit on your dashboard or your helmet and record hours of video footage either through the windshield, rear window or from the riders’ point of view. They’re relatively cheap but some more expensive models come with GPS tracking systems and other driving benefits.

The YI Nightscape Dash Cam has superb night vision so you never miss details at night where it is very important to capture everything in high detail.

These simple pieces of technology could help you in all kinds of ways. Read on for some compelling reasons why you should be using a dash or helmet cam on the road.

You can record your accident

For most, the idea of being in a car accident is the stuff of nightmares. But imagine driving along, being hit by another vehicle and then the other driver claiming that you caused the accident. Not having any proof or being faced with an aggressive motorist could be enough to pressure you into accepting the blame. Speak to a PI lawyer from Long Island if you’ve been in a crash that could have been avoided. When you have a dash or helmet cam, you could have undeniable proof of what really happened. 

It may work as a deterrent

If you’re a motorcycle rider or you love cycling everywhere, then you’ve probably been on the receiving end of some kind of abuse, or an aggressive, thoughtless driver who cuts you off or gets a little too close. Again, this is where your helmet cam could come in. These cameras, although small and light, are incredibly obvious and sizeable, which means they’re easy for other motorists to spot. If an aggressive driver sees you’re wearing a helmet with a camera mounted on it, they may just change their mind about cutting you off. 

APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD has a 170 degree viewing angle which really helps capture a larger field of view

You could get out of a traffic violation

If you’re pulled over for a traffic violation and you’re certain that the officer is mistaken, again your camera could help. Watch the footage back and if you’re certain you didn’t do anything wrong, you can contest the ticket and use the footage as evidence. Just remember to remain calm when the officer pulls you over!

Evidence for those insurance claims

Having a dashcam might not make your insurance costs lower, however, if you’re having a hard time proving why your vehicle is severely damaged, then dashcam footage of that deer running across the road or those logs that fell from that truck onto your hood could be what you need to get them to pay out. 

And finally, it might make you a better driver

If you have the opportunity to look back at your driving technique or what went wrong at that junction or how you could have handled a particular situation better, then wouldn’t you take it? Having a dash or helmet cam means you can look back at footage of you driving and improve your driving skills. Making you safer on the road and less likely to have an accident. 

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