Hotline 2: Video Slots inspired by Miami Chase

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What is Hotline 2, where can I play it, and what was is Miami Chase?

Ready for a blast from the past? I just recently played Hotline 2, a video slot game from NetEnt, creator of fine gambling terminals across the fine country of Canada. “Wait,” you say to me vehemently, pointing a finger at me and shaking it angrily. “YOU’RE NOT CANADIAN OPAL! ” you shout to the skies, shaking a fist dramatically. That’s correct, in a recent interview with Hunter Wilson, the senior games reviewer at, he confirmed that NetEnt slot games are available to play on their website, completely free. They started me off with five thousand credits, and I had quite the blast. The visuals and aesthetics were extremely reminiscent of the ’80s, specifically games modeled after that particular time period such as GTA: Vice City, and the game the slot machine was inspired by: Miami Chase. This isn’t a review, but in my personal opinion, it had quite the banging soundtrack as well, especially when using the “buy feature” button which gave you up to seven free boosted spins.

Going back to that last title, Miami Chase is an Amiga classic and the predecessor to the GTA series. It was a budget title for Amiga Systems published in 1990 by Codemasters and Team17. In it, you play a disgraced cop tasked by the mayor Don Ferrari (Remember, this is the ’80’s, names were definitely totally ridiculous back then.) with stopping half a dozen notorious gangsters in extremely fast cars. You’re given a variety of weapons, forty-eight hours to stop the bad guys in any manner with no reprisal from the police, and a ticking clock synergetic, high energy soundtrack that really pumps you up to get to busting some skulls. I spent many hours with it as a kid, clunking away on my amiga and enjoying myself when I came home from school. So seeing all this compiled into a slot machine was quite a wave of nostalgia. Blasting away at baddies to a rocking eighties soundtrack was fantastic, and Hotline 2 captures that feeling quite well.

These were the days back when Amiga reigned supreme am I right?

Is this slot machine RNG certified?

The best part is, all NetEnt machines are RNG certified via ITechLabs, and their nine random number generator, and while I’m not a gambling man, I’d definitely rather spend real money on something where I know I’m not getting purposefully rooked. I did a copious amount of research into this process, and the science behind it is quite an interesting read. Not to mention if you happen to be interested in creating your own randomly generated game they handle certification for tons of different forms of software. They certify what you need, for reasonable prices, in a prompt amount of time.

So all in all, Hotline 2 is a trip back to the ’80’s in a vaporwave DeLorean, with fantastic music, fun visuals, serotonin triggering win alerts, and an aesthetic that hit me with more nostalgia than a discotech. Not to mention it’s inspired by a classic game and backed by science to ensure that you’re getting a fair spin, every spin. So why not go give it a try?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.