Connect your PC to LCD or LED HDTV

With a wireless PC or Laptop plugged into your LED or LCD HDTV you can watch streaming video’s and movies from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu or other services directly on your HDTV which opens up an enormous array of content on demand.

It is suprising how many people query how to hook up a PC to an HDTV and I decided to see who had the best information on the subject myself. It turns out that a fantastic article on Engadget written by Ben Drawbaugh about How to connect your PC to your HDTV is among the best articles I found.

The went into depth to not only talk about that your PC or Laptop video card needs a DVI or HDMI port (you don’t want to bother connecting a VGA port to an HDTV).

If you have a DVI port on your PC and not an HDMI port don’t fret, you can buy an DVI -> HDMI cable which will allow you to translate the signal and should allow it to work without issue.

  • Once you have confirmed your PC/Laptop can support DVI or HDMI and you have the appropriate cable, it is time to test and hookup your device.
  • Check your TV manual, some TV’s have specific ports that they designate for PC’s and you will want to use one of these ports specifically.

One good thing about the article is it talks about overscan and how it can affect your viewing image if using the HDTV for more than watching movies or TV Shows, the overscan can make it difficult to surf the web or access some area’s of your windows desktop. Some HDTV’s have less overscan than others and you will want to check to see what % overscan your HDTV uses (they list Samsung as having among the lowest overscan percentages).

Now, that being said some of the newer LCD / LED TV’s have their own internet connections and some can stream websites directly to their screen bypassing the need to hookup a PC or Laptop altogether.

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