Dragon Blogger Review of Surrogates

The Surrogates wasn’t a highly praised movie by film critics but it was one that interested me being a fan of Sci Fi and Action films after all. I watched the film and though it was better than expected and a little chilling actually.

The film is a harsh gritty potential reality of where our future is heading with robotic surrogates that people plug into at home and then go about in the world with these mechanical avatars that look like anything they want. They have the ability to plug into your brain and central nervous system so if you have the money you can own surrogates that transmit touch, feel, taste and smell, or else the cheaper versions feel numb.

This is a mockery and front against social media and how more and more people are having relationships and entire communities in cyberspace, this movie shows an extreme where people are so afraid to be themselves that they never go out in public unless they are driving their avatar which is a perfect version of themselves.

The movie centers around that someone has devised a device that can kill the surrogate owner by overloading the surrogate itself, and it weaves some intricate plots that make the film enjoyable. Bruce Willis as Tom Greer is a tired FBI agent who is run down and seeing his own marriage fall apart as his wife is addicted to the party life of her surrogate and they have grown distant over the death of their child.

There are pocket communities where only people live and surrogates are forbidden and the film takes you into those communities and to the leader who is against surrogate technology known as “The Prophet” played by Ving Rhames.

All in all I thought the film was interesting, I probably found it more interesting because of my interest in social media and Internet and saw parallels to how things could go to the extreme if the technology actually existed at that level. One thing I thought was fantastic about the film is the military use of GI Joe Surrogates, imagine if our army could develop robots controlled by men so that they could be sent into battle and controlled from afar causing no real risk of injury or death to our troops. This I think would be a good reason to develop the technology for someone to remote control a surrogate or humanoid like robot with the reflexes and capabilities of the actual person.

Anyway, I thought the film was pretty good and worth seeing and am curious how other bloggers and people with social media interest perceived the film. Dragon Blogger gives this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

-Dragon Blogger

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