How to Convert Video to Audio and More with Wondershare UniConverter

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I am constantly making new highlights and clips from the various live streams we do over on the DragonBloggers Twitch channel and one software that I have started using as of recently is Wondershare Uniconverter which is a multi-purpose tool for doing video conversions, downloads, video resizing, video compression and so much more.

One such feature you can use it for is to convert video to audio say as in turn an mp4 into an mp3 file so that you only hear all the audio and strip out all the video.  Really this is extracting all the audio from the video into an mp3 file but this is very useful for making clips.

Example when I want to make some custom alerts with Streamlabs OBS and I don’t want to risk using copyright audio files, I can instead use our own audio content from previous streams and download a previous stream or highlight and convert the video to audio and then trim out just the audio bits that I want to use and turn into an expressive alert sound.  Maybe it is one of my streamers gasping or being jump scared during a horror stream, or maybe it is one laughing or thanking fans for a sub or a follow.

Convert Video to Audio with Wondershare UniConverter

To get started in converting video to audio, you would open up Wondershare Unicoverter and click on the Add Files button. 

Select the video file that you want to convert to audio next.

Then after the video loads you will see the source file on the left and your destination/output video file on the right.

Click on the little triangle to the right of the target and you will see a variety of output options to choose from, here you could convert your MP4 video to another video file format like mkv, webm, gif…etc. but in this case we are clicking on the audio tab at the top and choosing MP3 with the same audio quality as the source.

After you have that selected you can click on the convert button and you will find that Wondershare Uniconverter is very fast, granted I only did a 28 second clip but it finished almost immediately after clicking convert.

I like how Wondershare Uniconverter always shows you where your output folder is at the bottom and gives you a 1 click folder button to open your output folder immediately to see your output files.

In this case, my 17MB video clip became a 500k output mp3 audio file, which I could then further refine and clip out what I need with Audacity.

Now if you don’t want to install software you can always see how to convert video to audio via online free video to audio converters as well.

The second most frequent thing I do is convert video media from one format to another while also resizing it. This primarily would be scaling down a 1080p mp4 file to webm so that it is easier to import and use with Streamlabs Cloudbot for alerts.

So in this case I wanted to take a fire loop clip I purchased which was 1080p and convert it from .mov format to .webm format and shrink it to as reasonably small a file size and resolution as I could.

I clicked on Add Files, selected my FireTunnel

You can see the source file was 136.56MB and then I clicked on the down arrow next to the Target (output file) and then clicked on Video tab, then clicked on WEBM format on the left and then the pencil edit icon on the right next to HD 720P to make a custom output file.

Here I chose 2000 bitrate as I knew when I uploaded this file to Streamlabs Cloudbot the alertbox itself would be relatively small and I didn’t need a super high quality file as it would only be displaying for 13 seconds and would be much smaller than stream window size.

So then I was able to see that my 136.56MB file would render down to a 3.34MB 1280×720 / 2000 bit rate webm file which is much more agreeable to being an uploaded file for Cloudbot and for streaming. The conversion took about 15 seconds and then I was on my way uploading and setting the configurations for my custom alert.

The file format conversion options and history of your previous conversions are all in the Wondershare UniConverter software and seriously there is so many format options and customizations, you can even specifically select the output device whether it is an Apple or Android device to get the perfect output file dimensions and size for that device when you convert your video files to another format.

Have any questions about Wondershare UniConverter? Just ask and I will see if I can assist you with an answer, this software does everything I could want when it comes to compressing video files, downloading video files from my channels and more.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.