Cougar Panzer Case Review

Final Thoughts and Conclusion


With all of the case manufactures out there, it’s hard to find a good case that offers lots of function options, not just a bunch of silly designs.  The case has the curves and the tempered glass to bring in the looks and seems very durable but it does have some issues.


  • Very affordable
  • Cable Management
  • Easy access to PCI-E retention card screws
  • No optical bay, smooth front
  • Glass front and sides
  • Includes 1 rear 120mm fan.
  • Up to 4 hidden Drives (4 x 2.5, or 2 x 3.5 and 2 x 2.5)
  • Allows for many fan or liquid cooling options


  • Potentially difficult motherboard placement, if your CEB/E-ATX board has 90 degree headers on the bottom and side of the board for 24Pin Power connector, SATA Ports or connections on the bottom of the board.
  • Power Supply Cover is not removable
  • Only includes 1 fan in the case, needs to include a few more though you can purchase and install more.

As nice as this case is, it has some issue depending on what sort of board you have but you can make it work.  The power supply cover is not removable, but in this particular build I thankfully did not have to hack the case apart to make something work, though I did have to bend it a slight bit.

Other cases have the side piece that blocks the SATA/Power connections spread a little further apart so that you can install everything easily.  As it is now, I cannot connect the other 5 x SATA ports without dremeling the case a little but since this will not affect every build, now you know what you have to work with.  If you have an ATX board you have nothing to worry about, but a CEB board can have some issues.

I really want to give it a 5 star rating because I do really like this case, it is built durable and has the makings to be a best case, but it does need a little more work.  For that, I will give this case a 4 Star rating, Recommended.




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