Creating an Effective Mailing Newsletter for Subscribers

I have seen far to many bloggers create Mailing Lists as just a method to push and sell Affiliate products or their own eBooks and such to the point where it really makes it difficult for me to stay a member of a mailing list for very long. I don’t mind a mailing newsletter with a few ads on the side or a sub note to purchase the bloggers product or check out an affiliate, but when you get hammered with at least one pitchy email per week from seventeen email newsletters I subscribe to I am prone to just hitting delete.

I admit, I have just started delving into my mailing list service myself and am using MailChimp, I designed my mailing list and target as a means to deliver a newsletter which can provide information for subscribers that I think will be beneficial for them. Sure, I want to make sure I include some links and benefits that I may somehow monetize, but the meat of my newsletters is to showcase a specific article, or topic and present information to the subscribers that would engage them and entice them to find out more.

I have only done two mailing list updates so far and my most recent one is more the direction I want to go with my mailing list, I want do do “themed” updates one with technology tips, one with blogging tips…etc where I can use my mailing list to not only showcase articles they may have missed on my blog, but other sites as well. The way I figure it is that if someone subscribes to your mailing list, you have to assume that they are regular readers and fans of your blog. It is likely they will have already seen or read your posts and just including information about posts you have already written in your newsletter is not likely to draw interest (nor is blatantly pitching products).

Eventually when I start running more contests and have more prizes I am going to give exclusive giveaways and prizes to mailing list subscribers and my mailing list subscribers will have a better chance of winning the Nintendo Wii when I give one away within the next month. (Yes, I am going to giveaway brand new Nintendo Wii to one of my blog readers as a prize).

But my own idea’s about a mailing list are more from the point of view of someone on the receiving end, so I am curious to my other bloggers and readers to know your thoughts?

  • What do you expect out of an email newsletter as a subscriber?
  • What do you expect out of an email newsletter as a creator?

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