CyberPower EC850LCD Battery Backup: The Best Way to Save Your Computer During Blackouts

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Do you use a PC and are worried that it will suffer any damage in case an electrical problem occurs in your home?

Blackouts can happen at any time and I’m sure we all hate that happening. In most cases, the electrical power will return to normal in a few seconds or minutes. Nothing may ever happen to your computers when a power outage happens, but when you use expensive equipment such as a PC or monitor, you should know that it is important to keep them safe when an electrical problem occurs in your home. This is where backup batteries become essential to protect some of your electrical equipment.

What exactly is a battery backup? Well, suppose you are using your PC and your monitor, as you know, the components of a PC like the graphics card are very delicate, so a sudden change in power could damage them permanently. When a power outage occurs, your PC will continue to run for a few minutes while connected to a UPS battery backup, so you’ll have plenty of time to safely shut down your computer. Some brands that make USP backup batteries not only claim to get the best protection but also include a connected equipment warranty on their products that usually exceeds $50,000, so you’ll probably want to know more about it.

The CyberPower EC850LCD is one of the most popular UPS backup batteries, so it’s backed by over 9,000 ratings on Amazon (average of 4.5 stars). It offers you incredible performance and a worry-free warranty and yes, your equipment is backed by a lot of money in case they suffer any damage. A great buy if you want to protect your expensive PC from annoying blackouts. Next, discover the most interesting features of this product.

CyberPower EC850LCD UPS Backup Battery Features

If you are worried that your devices will suffer damage when an electrical problem occurs, then the CyberPower UPS backup battery EC850LCD is what you should try. One of the main ones about this UPS battery is that it includes 15 AC ports so you can protect many devices. Keep in mind that not all AC ports offer you backup power, so 6 of the 15 AC ports can. The remaining 8 AC ports offer overvoltage protection so you can make sure none of your equipment or devices are damaged in the event of electrical problems in your home. An LCD display displays important information about the condition of the battery. When the power fails in your home the CyberPower will EC850LCD activate an alarm immediately so you can act quickly and turn off your equipment safely. The number of minutes will depend on how much your equipment consumes, so expect to have between 2-9 minutes of battery backup. Finally, CyberPower offers you the best warranty, so they offer a 3-year warranty and up to $100,000 per connected equipment in case they suffer any damage while using backup power.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.