Ever hit up your local arcade, find a Dance Dance Revolution machine, and spend hours stomping your feet in sync with flashing arrows?  As addicting as it is, after awhile, the game’s one flaw becomes quite obvious.   You aren’t actually learning a full blown dance routine but rather learning a set of steps. An Xbox 360 Kinect title by the name of Dance Central 2 attempts to fix just that.  Rather than limiting your dances to a combo of foot taps or jumping jacks – DC2 lets you cut a rug and involve your whole body in the routine.  Whether you’ve got two left feet (like me) or can pop ‘n lock like a boss, DC2 has a lot to offer for any style of dancer.

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Songs You Actually Want to Dance To

Dance Central 2’s song list has several classics that are fit to bust a move to.  You can perform the hilarious Sir Mix-A-lot’s “Baby Got Back,” struggle to keep up with the fast and intense Nicki Minaj song “Massive Attack,” or swish your hips and do a few hair flips to Chingy’s “Right Thurr.”

There are several notable songs that I am sorely missing though.  That doesn’t mean that such songs will be absent forever.  Harmonix is constantly working on releasing DLC of new routines to dance along with and enjoy. A day after this post goes live, you can expect to see LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem available for download.

Rep for Your Favorite Crew

There is an intriguing RPG component included with the game called Crew Challenges.  The selection of dancers do not serve merely as avatars for you to dance along with.  They actually represent 2 person crews that have their own unique styles of dance.  Progressing up the crew ladder is very rewarding and adds a fun backstory to the game.  You’ll get to learn more about the dancers’ personalities and figure out who fits you best.  Your ultimate goal when undergoing the Crew Challenge is to take on the pompous Glitterati twins.  A little word of advice regarding this – just because you bested the top dogs in town, don’t think your troubles end there.

What a Workout!

Anyone who is in search of a game to help them lose weight, get healthier, or any other life/fitness goals – look no further!  DC2 comes with the standard components you would expect for a game that has a designated workout mode (calories burned, time spent exercising, etc.)  It also has an array of playlists that are adjusted for a variety of workout routines.  After getting my hands on this game my limbs were sore, my face was blushed, and I am 9 lbs lighter.  Everyone certainly will experience varied results.  Regardless of the kind of numbers you rack in your heart is going to thank you for playing this game.

Break it Down and Get it Right

Perfectionists will find a best friend in Break it Down mode.  It makes learning the routines much easier and you can request the dancer to go as slow or as fast as you like.  Several voice commands allow you to make the most out of this mode such as “Record Video.”  The “Record Video” command films you attempting the move and then shows how the recorded clip is matching up with the in-game dancer.  There’s no need to perform the whole dance in this mode either.  You can pinpoint the exact moves you want to work on and the instructor will narrow the practice down to just those moves.

Lighting and Lenses

There are two issues that you may experience while playing DC2.  The first involves your room lighting.  Overlighting your area can blind the Kinect camera.  Try to draw your shades in order to leave the appropriate amount of light streaming into your room.  The best way to know if you have the proper amount of lighting is to see how twitchy navigating the the menus are.  Besides lighting issues, another problem that crops up occasionally involves those who wear prescription lenses or other apparel on their face.  I personally wear glasses on a regular basis and did not experience any difficulties.  You may experience problems if you wear huge darkened aviator sunglasses but in most cases the camera should be able to recognize you just fine.

Dance Central 2 is a game that I can easily see becoming a party staple.  It’s hard to be a wallflower due to the game’s welcoming message which encourages everyone to just get up and dance. Get this game and get moving!

Mitra Faridian

Mitra Faridian

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