Days of the Dead Facing Backlash Over Suicidal “Dark Humor” Photo

Yesterday, horror-genre convention Days of the Dead began facing backlash and much outrage from their community because a staff member posted a rather disturbing and controversial photo. The photo shows a second staff member at the Days of the Dead Indianapolis event holding a teddy bear he purchased from a vendor. The bear has the face of comedian Robin Williams and is wearing a shirt that says “Hang in there” with a stick figure of a hanged man. Due to the graphic and disturbing nature of this photo, we will not be posting it or a link to it, but the photo is out there for those that truly wish to see it.

The Days of the Dead Indianapolis vendor room from this weekend’s event.


Staff member Chris Blair posted this photo to the Indianapolis Days of the Dead Facebook group with the caption “A good sense of humor is healthy” before quickly taking the post down. Myself and others were able to capture a screenshot of the post and have since shared it with several horror convention communities. While Chris posing as the Days of the Dead Indianapolis group account has indeed apologized for posting the photo to the Indianapolis Facebook group, he nor Days of the Dead themselves have apologized for what the photo itself depicts, nor have they apologized for making it appear as if the bear was purchased with that shirt on it or sold that way with bad intentions. I reached out to the artist, Patrick Hart, that sells the bear for a comment and he stated, “I’m aware of the shirt. I’ve nothing to do with that, the bear is meant to be whimsical, not dark. I’m a huge fan of Robin (Williams).”

As this story develops there have also been several others who have come forward to express their displeasure with this controversial photo as well as other issues people are having with Days of the Dead. Once I have more information about the other ongoing issues with Days of the Dead, I will post a more detailed article including information from my sources.

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