DBPower Digital Air Compressor Review

So everyone should have an air compressor in their car just in case they run into a flat tire, but not all air compressors are equal and DBPower sent me their air compressor to try out which I must say I ended up thinking was well worth the value.  Now I won’t get into any unboxing video you simply get the compressor which you plug into your car outlet port and make sure your car is running when you turn it on.  The air compressors has some great features like the ability to set a “threshold” that when the PSI read will shut off automatically and this helps prevent over-filling or risks blowing out a tire if you have to step away while it is running for whatever reason.

The digital PSI read is fairly accurate and works great as it shows you the PSI as it is filling up as well, most you have to take reads before and after you fill but because this one reads PSI while you are filling a tire it knows when to stop and you can gauge it (pun intended).  You can switch unit types for tire pressure as you would expect, but also this DBPower Digital Air compressor has a build in emergency flashlight and red blinking SOS light, but I did find the bulbs a bit weak and only worked well at night.  They could have had more powerful bulbs in an emergency situation, especially the flashlight in my opinion.

Video Review of the DBPower Digital Air Compressor

Overall I found the DBPower Digital Air Compressor to be worth the cost though I would have liked for a stronger and brighter flashlight as well as perhaps having an external battery for providing emergency power to a cell phone or something in case of emergency would be a nice additional touch you can find in similar multi-purposes car gadgets now.

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