DC Super Hero Jackpots: The Best Slot Games Inspired by Comic Books Stars

Remember the days you spent pouring over comic books as a kid, imagining you were the super heroes from the stories? Maybe you pictured yourself like Batman, speeding around Gotham in your Batmobile to save the city from The Joker. Or perhaps you dreamed of being Wonder Woman, leading the Justice League in a battle to defeat enemies of the planet.

It doesn’t matter which super hero inspired you. Now’s the time to finally realise your super hero fantasy, by playing DC Super Hero Jackpot Games.

This incredible collection of online slot games first came about thanks to a clever partnership between Playtech and Warner Bros. Each game in the collection gives you the chance to play as a legendary super hero – or super villain – from the DC Universe. All boast incredible 3D graphics, awesome bonus features and (perhaps most importantly) big jackpot prizes that can be won on any bet.

You can find out more about our favorite titles in the collection below. And when you’re ready to play for yourself, head to bgo casino to enjoy DC Super Hero Jackpots on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Fingers crossed you’ll come away with one of those big jackpot prizes.

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